I design all the goods displayed on this page, and most of the work is crafted in small workshops, namely mine and SCUMSUCK's. If you're interested in an out-of-stock item, you can contact me at The webmaster's contact info, m a p p a p a p a w e b at g m a i l dot c o m. at any time and ask for a re-issue and I will work on it as soon as possible.

To place an order, visit the Google Form here and follow instructions.

You will get a personalized thank you note with your order! Please keep in mind that these are homebrew goods that sometimes have to do a bit of traveling before a package is ready, so things might take a while to ship. This is a collaborative homebrew effort between indie artists and I do not have the manufacturing and shipping speed of a commercial store.

Listed prices do not include shipping. Shipping cost will be included in your invoice.

Every shirt listed here was crafted by me. The shirts are made by sublimation printing, which means the ink is transfered to the shirt via heat. Illustrations are now printed to fit double letter size space. All illustrations are my own.

All shirts are white polyester t-shirts. Find the right size for you in this table. Size info comes from shirt provider. All measurements are in inches. Size listing has a ±0.5" tolerance.

Size Width Length
S 19½ 28
M 20½ 29
L 21½ 30
XL 22½ 31
2XL 23½ 32

Here's a gallery of photos from happy customers, posted with permission. You could look this hot!

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With the exception of double-sided charms, which are manufactured via VOGRACE, every charm listed here was hand-crafted by me. The charms are cut with a laser machine, and then the design is transfered to the piece with the use of heat. Charms made with see-through acrylic have a coat of paint and a coat of clear varnish. All illustrations are my own.

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Every sticker has been crafted at SCUMSUCK's home studio. All illustrations are my own.

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Current custom print orders are crafted at SCUMSUCK's home studio, printed on Koala Ultra Premium luster paper. Some prints listed above can also be found at INPRNT. All illustrations are my own.

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