Last updated on September 3, 2022.


BY HIRING ME, YOU AGREE TO THESE TERMS. Read this information carefully before purchasing a commission.

Custom-made art pieces (hereafter referred to as "commission") are for personal use only. If you (hereafter referred to as "the client"), want to use a commission purchased from me (hereafter referred to as "the artist"), for commercial purposes, it must be discussed and agreed on before payment.

The artist may decline any commission they so desire, regardless of whether or not it adheres to the WILL DRAW / WON'T DRAW section found in the artist's commission page ( The artist is not required to explain a commission rejection.


The commission is priced in USD.

Payment is accepted exclusively via invoice. No payment outside an invoice initiated by the artist is accepted. In the event that the client wishes to tip the artist further, the artist's Ko-Fi page ( may be used for such purposes. The artist will send an invoice once the artist and the client have reached an agreement regarding pricing. A copy of these terms will be sent alongside the invoice. Completing payment of the invoice means the client agrees to these terms.

Payment must be completed before the artist begins working on the commission. There will be no refunds, returns or exchanges of any kind. Cancellation of purchase is only available before payment. A purchase is considered final when the invoice is paid for. If the client cancels the commission after payment has been completed, no refund will be provided.

If the artist cancels a commission at any point of the process, the client is entitled a refund. The refund will consist of the agreed payment with a deduction accounting for the payment service's refunding fees.


The client must provide the necessary information for a commission to be produced. This includes a collection of any necessary visual references of the subject matter, in addition to a text document describing details that are essential to understand the client's desired commission (description of character(s), description of context, description of posing, description of feeling conveyed, description of appealing points, etc.) This information may be as detailed as the client considers it important. The artist may contact the client if further references are needed.

For 'Ink' type and 'Flat' commission types, there may be only one revision during the sketching stage of the process. A 'Rough' commission type will not be revised.


A 300dpi PNG version of the resulting commission will be delivered via e-mail to the client. The client will also receive a low-res version of the image with a 'COMMISSION' watermark. If requested and available, an image file of the sketch and an image file of the clean linework will also be provided.

Use of commission

The artist retains all rights for commercial use of the commission. The artist may make use of the commission for advertising their work, manufacturing of printed goods, reproduction on online platforms, and other such commercial purposes. The client may use the purchased commission strictly for personal, non-commercial purposes. The client is prohibited from using the commission for profit. This includes, but is not exclusively limited to, turning the commission into an NFT, using the commission for AI image generation, re-selling the commission, or using the commission for the manufacturing of merchandise. The client may reprint the purchased commission on their social media and personal platforms with credit to the artist, either by direct linking to the artist's social media ( or to the artist's commission page (

A commission based on the client's intellectual property will not be reprinted for profit unless given explicit consent by the client. The client may request a purchased commission based on the client's intellectual property not to be posted on the artist's social media. The artist will always keep the client anonymous.

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