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Welcome to my profile page for SCUMSUCK's CHONKY CHEEZ'S PIZZA SLUT ART-CADE, an art-trade event being held from July 5, 2021 to August 10, 2021. This is a community activity organized in an effort to make a fun space for the people in SCUMSUCK's zine-making Discord server to create and receive art.

I don't often join art trades as, besides thinking myself a very slow artist without strong community appeal, there have been too many times when an art trade ended up disappointing me in some way. But SCUMSUCK is cool, and I love them, and their projects always make me feel welcome and safe, so I thought I'd give this sort of art trade a try this time!

This page serves both as a profile and an archive, so that I can remember and revisit this event at any point in the future.

CONTENT WARNING: This page contains R-18 text and images, as well as mentions and depictions of physical violence.


  • Friendly AND ship art of my OCs with your OCs is OK! If you think they sound like a good match, please go wild! Riba (reversal) okay for most characters in the ORIGINAL CHARACTERS section, except for the clown (that one's an uke).
  • Guro of my OCs is OK! In the case of the Deetigerger, I'd rather it be the one doing the mauling, though.
  • My OCs are quite loosely formed, so going a little off-script with their designs is OK! If you retain the spirit of the descriptions and the vibes in my drawings, that's good enough for me.


  • R-18 rules: For OCs, spicy R-18 works OK. For favs I prefer no R-18 works. Implied stuff is OK (alluding to spicy stuff OK, showing spicy stuff not OK). No R-18 of OCs or favs with underage characters.
  • Do not make ship or R-18 works involving the Deetigerger.
  • Do not stray from the body types in my reference drawings.
  • No peepee no poopoo and no excessive jizz.
  • NO riba works of the pairs in the FAVS section. Ship order is extremely important to me. They are listed by top and bottom in each section.
Without further ado, here are the OCs and favs I've submitted for this event!


Placing this section first for the sake of boosting the "Original" part of Original Character Art Trading. I've never been great at creating OCs or keeping track of their stories, so this section is a little lacking in depth, but still, here's the collection of creachers I managed to find in my files.


A creature born from this picrew quiz, in February 2020. If you've never encountered this picrew before, I strongly encourage you to go answer it and show me the result! It's very fun and a super creative way to use this website.

The Deetigerger is about the same size as a regular tiger, if slightly smaller. Its fur has the same vivid orange as a tiger's does, turning paler when it reaches the neck and head. Its eyes are a dull teal color.

Not much is known about this creature, other than the fact that it has an elaborate mating dance. The deetigerger's face can look sweet sometimes, but its legs are scary powerful. Its fur is quite soft to the touch, but don't risk your limbs for such a frivolous pleasure.

Perhaps it is the only one of its kind? Omnivore, plays with its food.

~ ❦ ~

Demon OC

A character created rather hurriedly for sleeprann's Cringetober prompt, "Demon OC".

They're a succubus, but rather than succ their meal out of you... They'd rather cook you into a meal! Enjoys fatty flavorful dishes.

Other demons find them a little annoying, but they'd rather be on their good graces, lest they miss out on this demon's unmatched cooking, or worse, end up in the stove as a side dish.

Twice the height of a regular human being. Their small wings are unable to carry their weight, so they mostly serve for emoting. Doesn't like wearing sleeves, their pointy elbows have ruined too many pieces of clothing already. Friendly personality. Chatty when they cook their live ingredients.

None name, none gender.

~ ❦ ~

Slasher OC

A character created using the Let's Make a Slasher OC meme by KosmikNova.

I couldn't find the original post to add the people's answers here, but as you can tell, this character is very large and very strong and is probably getting too old to be in this line of business, not that anyone will tell him that. He's rather aloof during work hours at the cafe, but will act with great enthusiasm when the slashing and chopping begins. Her weapon of choice is a billhook, like the one Rena from Higurashi wields.

This character has a large collection of dresses, and you'll never find them wearing the same thing twice. You probably should avoid crossing paths with them more than once, anyway. They have a uniquely designed mask for every outfit they put together.

None name (for now), all gender.

~ ❦ ~

B. and E.

A classic pair of highschool jock and nerd whose interactions involve a lot of posturing, social status wielding, and yaoi tension. Really, very loosely based on certain forms of virtual money. Designed and drawn for Bobaboard's April Fools release of the Robinboob site.

These two were not born from mine own brain, but I was in charge of their design, so I think I can include them here.

~ ❦ ~

Shawn the Clown

A silly little jester that does nothing but clown around and get in trouble.

The cat scepter Shawn waves around (and sometimes accidentally bonks himself with) has magic powers, but he doesn't know this. His pet roach actually terrifies him. Despite being the appointed jester of the royal court, he is, in fact, quite unfunny.

Shawn's outfits are usually patterned with some shade of black and red, and his accessories are often cat-themed. He is all grown up, but likes to speak in a cutesy, childish tone. He is a little drooly.

Second drawing by SCUMSUCK. Thank you for letting me add it to my refs!

~ ❦ ~

Nameless OC

Have you seen this man in your dreams? I have! This OC came to me in a dream. And also came on to me rather aggressively! Wow! A very tall, very gloomy guy who can't get off, but enjoys the feeling of having his pp stepped on. Though, I wonder if he wants to even keep the thing attached, for all the use it gets...

He spent most of my dream on the floor, looking quite exhausted, so perhaps he gets tired easily. Maybe his knees hurt, or maybe he is sick.

His hair is quite wild and looks a little tangled. He looks a little gray, maybe he hasn't been eating well. This character's fashion leans strongly towards rock shirts and leather. He wears cowboy boots.

He reminds me of Peter Steele a little. He has no name, although I think he said it to me in the dream, and he is a dude.

~ ❦ ~


My very own Gorl Scout. She was created for the Gorl Scout Zine, although originally she was fanart of SCUMSUCK's gorlscout Liv. Their shapes are quite similar, perhaps the main difference is that Billie looks like she hasn't had a good night's sleep in a very long time.

Transcription from the gallery:

Name: Billie

Song: What A Fool Believes (EURINGER version)

Likes: anime, arcade games, the occult

Dislikes: eating her veggies

Bio: Billie has never really cared about school, good grades, or "thinking about the future" like her mother insists. It all changed when the handsome college professor with the cold personality and the heavy smoker's cough moved next door. Billie has her dream life all figured out now. The long con to get him wrapped around her finger has been set in motion! It's too bad that during one of Billie's daily recon missions into his home she confused him with a burglar and batted his brains out. Better find how to reanimate a corpse before it starts to smell...

Actually, Billie is technically a whole load of fanart! Uberchain’s Scout-chan and SCUMSUCK’s Liv are the sources I draw from to draw this girl Scout, but she has gained a bit of personal flavor. Of course, I always end up making the student accidentally kill their exhausted object of affection with their overbearing love.

~ ❦ ~


This side is the juicier of the two! I'm much more of a secondary works kind of person, so all my creative neurons go into making all sorts of extremely self-indulgent and OOC super big brained scenarios for my favs. I most often eat these characters as a pair (no riba unless explicitly stated!). I do not like separating them, I am a multishipper with a very loyal OTP core. So, I'll talk about them with that mindset. But feel free to only grab one of the characters to play with. As long as it fits my preferred flavor for the character, I will be very happy.

Mob and Reigen

OTP5ever. Characters from Mob Psycho 100.

Student and Master. Esper and fraud. Hopeful teen and jaded millennial.

I started trying to explain this pair in a text that became too large for this section, so I moved it to its own page, which you can find here.

So, after all that text I'm sure you read, how do I like to play with this pair?

I enjoy them in all shapes and forms! I do love their canon scenario of course, and for the most part, when it's art in their canon ages, I lean towards making non-ship pair works (eating together, arguing, working, etc), depictions of conflict that can range from humorous to tense, and touch is a focus in that it is not happening (because Mob is being rejected), and so and so.

Most of the time, I like to draw an older Mob scenario, somewhere in his twenties. I don't do this to settle them into a more appropriate age for a relationship to happen between them, I don't want them to be together. I simply enjoy imagining where life takes them after the story is over. Sometimes I like to imagine them as friendly, if distanced. Sometimes I like to imagine them as co-workers. Sometimes I like to imagine them as roommates, whoa. Sometimes I like to imagine them as strangers. I mostly enjoy drawing Mob flexing on Regen with his youthful strength and energy while Regen inevitably succumbs to the fate of being an ojisan.

I also like other unreasonable scenarios. What if one of them is an animal? What if both of them are animals? What if Mob is some kind of middle-of-the-road panther furry man that retains his good looks and bowl cut but has scary claws and scary fangs and a very long tail, for no other reason than to further intimidate his meal Regen?

What if they dress like girls? Regen does seem to find that easy to do, in public even. What if one of them is a girl? What if they're both girls? Girls are awesome.

What if Regen is the student, and Mob is the teacher? This one is real tasty, because then I like to think about what kind of adult Mob has become, in a setting where he had no Regen to give him advice. Is he a good adult? Is he a naughty one? It depends on my mood, and whether or not I add Mogami to the mix, but that's a story for another day.

I lean towards drawing Mob rather gloomily, face shadowed, and Regen with foxy eyes. Regen's belly is soft. If you go with an older Mob setting, the only thing I want to specify is that I enjoy making Mob at least slightly taller than Reigen, and I tend to go for a fit body type (I choose to believe he stuck to his Body Improvement Club ways even after graduation), sometimes leaner and sometimes broader, depending on how I feel that day. Refer to the gallery for visual examples. As for colors, it's ok to color pick from official pictures from the anime. Here's a link to the official website's character section.

So that's it. I should probably stop here before I have to make another whole new page for this info (which I will at some point, get my AUs all organized). I hope this all makes sense in some way. I love mobrei.

~ ❦ ~

Sougo and Woz

I daydream about their infinite first meetings every day. Characters from Kamen Rider Zi-O.

A friendless orphan who claims he will be the world's king and a sly prophet who claims he's come to support the other's path to kingship.

Sougo is an 18-yo highschool boy with no other aspirations than to become a king, a very nebulous dream he's been parroting since childhood (soon after losing his parents) that probably causes a lot of secret grief to his uncle, who, regardless, passively accepts his nephew's odd personality. He's an energetic youth who is often smiling and is rather extroverted, though I personally think this is a bit of an act he's grown into, to avoid thinking about his grief and loneliness. He's a genki kind of character, and his assertiveness can be a little intimidating sometimes. He doesn't want to grow into the terrible tyrant all the time travelers surrounding him say he'll become, but it's true that his devilish side comes out to play sometimes.

Woz is a mysterious figure of supernatural nature. He offers Sougo a strange device and declares he's a servant who's come from 50 years into the future to watch over Sougo's rightful ascencion to the throne (this is true), and that he is Sougo's only ally (this is false). Woz carries himself in a theatrical, friendly way that is clearly an act, and only once loses his temper, after being proded a little too closely about his true feelings for his king. He switches sides about 5 times and is taken back by a cheerful Sougo every time. Woz doesn't seem to understand the feeling of being home that the characters surrounding him at Sougo's house provide him with. Really loves eating.

So, what's my OC-fication of these characters like? I put the clown make-up on and gave them a fan baby. THREE babies actually. I gave in to the siren call of married domesticity, that's how bad they got me. What do you want me to do... I couldn't just ignore how Woz was taught to cook and clean, this twink's been properly trained for wife duty! It's always a scenario where Sougo is still young though, not much older than his canon age. Since this is a story with convoluted time-traveling, I like to set the peaceful scenarios in a limbo where not enough time has passed for things to mature into something tangible, babies or not (those just appeared out of thin air anyway). It's more playing house than anything else, Woz and uncle quietly accept Sougo's whims and carry on with homemaking. At some point, inevitably, something terrible will happen, and Sougo will use his time powers for the nth time to turn everything back to zero, making a few subconscious tweaks to fit his ideal outcome. Older Sougo is rare in my drawings, and it's usually his terrible king version (white hair, red eyes, red nails), who I love.

My other favorite thing to do with them is throw them into a yet to be polished Beastars AU. Sougo is a tiny little dog who lightheartedly proclaims he'll be the next Beastar, and Woz is a goat (or goat-adjacent animal, I'm not very consistent with how I draw his horns) who hella creeps on Sougo and befriends him with the secret intent of awakening Sougo's carnivore instincts through any means possible, including lovingly cooked lunchboxes and treats made with special ingredients. Read (or watch) Beastars by the way, it's quite fun, no furmo (yes furmo). Someone wrote a wonderful fic for this AU! You can read it here!💕

I wouldn't color pick from my examples but they're good enough approximations. I won't post samples from canon. I like Sougo with pink eyes, Woz with black eyes. Woz's hair is parted two thirds to his left, loose on the right side while left side has three loose braids. I draw both characters as girls too! Girls rule. Sougo has big booba because power is stored in the chest. Woz is flatter as a girl than he is as a guy.

Important note: if you make shippy works with these two, do not name drop them please! If need be, you can refer to them as king and servant. I keep my ship art of them off public accounts, to respect the netiquette maintained by shipper fans of this franchise. If no one can name search it no one has to know though, heh. No NSFW works for this pair.

~ ❦ ~

Mobei-Jun and Shang Qinghua

Pushing my size difference agenda. Characters from The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System.

The author's favorite side-side-side character and the author himself, reborn as trashy cannon fodder in his own novel.

This is my most recently acquired ship fixation! So, if you were to pick from the FAVS section, this would be my first choice.

As requested by a fellow artcader, I've slowly begun to add more info about this ship. Please go here for a lenghtier explanation of these characters!

My favorite shape I have twisted them into is this: a post-canon scenario where, for whatever reason, Airplane has gone back to the real world, and somehow, MBJ has followed him there (if MBJ can teleport around, why can't he just teleport to another dimension huh! It makes sense, my scenario is foolproof.) The "how" doesn't matter to me, I am simply interested in seeing them adjust to a mundane earthly life after spending a lifetime in an extraordinary world. A mellowed down MBJ who is willing to stop being so prideful, and a SQH who is willing to speak honestly. Simple daily life stuff that is funny to me.

According to word of god, their first time was terrible, which I love! Part of exploring life together in the mortal world would be to improve their sex life. Here is some porn I drew about that.

I'm ok with riba, but I have very specific restrictions for it. Here is some porn I drew about that. This is the ship I'd be more open to see spicy stuff for, if you really feel like drawing ero.

~ ❦ ~

Hm. I guess I have it bad for ukes that lie to save face. If my walls of text weren't enough and you need further info for the pairs in the FAVS section, this ship questions meme I answered with all three of these ships might help.

I hope my rants made sense. Now that I've finally finished this profile, I'm looking forward to reading about everyone's characters and drawing together! Let's have fun with this event!


I finally got off my arse and made a gifts section for the first Artcade. I don't want to fiddle with the code on this first page so we shall ignore anything that works weird or doesn't fit or could probably get cleaned up.

I'm only spurred to do this by the untimely death of the server this project was born in. Things happen, life goes places, and sometimes good things come to an end just the same as everything else. I'm sorry to say I have not asked for permission to repost some of these pieces as of the writing of this text, but I will try to contact people and see that this changes.

-- spill on September 28, 2023.

CONTENT WARNING: This page contains R-18 text and images, as well as mentions and depictions of physical violence.


These are I my me mine gifts from other wonderful artists.

A drawing of Shawn the clown by CompressedNerve making a silly curious expression while saying 'uwu nyaaa?'.

A cute and colorful drawing by CompressedNerve! The artist perfectly captured Shawn's silly nature with the hand gestures and expression. The butterflies are a pretty detail that makes me wonder if Shawn would have the feline trait of chasing after little floating things.

~ ❦ ~

A drawing of my Demon OC by unlik3lyGrader. They wear an apron that reads 'KISS ME I'm a chef' and seem to be blissfully thinking about food.

Such a cute drawing of this Demon OC by Webo! I love the bliss shown in the demon's face at the thought of food, so cute. The artstyle and proportions make this demon look so good too, Webo's style is cool!! I wonder what the source of such a juicy piece of cartoon meat will be?

~ ❦ ~

A drawing of my B and E by SCUMSUCK. They're at a sunny beach with a clear sky, enjoying themselves, or at least B. is while E. awkwardly let's the other drag him along.

I can't help but giggle every time I look at this drawing of B. and E. by SCUMSUCK, they look so cute. The tanlines, the socks on the beach, the slay nail polish, the Asuka shirt (did I ever comment on that? I can't remember but it made me laugh a lot just now, Asuka is my childhood sweetheart if you didn't know), the chad vs virgin energy between them. Lovely summer piece!

~ ❦ ~

Ahhh I didn't even know this was up on AO3! I've had this little treasure saved since this event happened, but I wasn't sure if it had ever been shared publicly, I'm so happy I get to share it now. You can read the author's other pieces for the event as well! Everything's been posted as chapters, but be smart and read the tags and notes at the beginning of each chapter!

~ ❦ ~

A drawing of my demon OC by someone. It is a bust ink, from head to chest, with the demon smiling their playful demon smile at the viewer.

An inky drawing of my demon OC, by someone! I particularly love the long eyelashes and their toothy smile. I love the thick, bold strokes, they give the drawing a very free feeling. Mmm I crave the feeling of an ink brush in my hand now. I love art.

~ ❦ ~

A drawing of two guys in bed by CementoMori. One of them is short and chubby and is reading a magazine. The other is a serious tall muscular man with long hair, who spoons the shorter guy taking him by surprise, holding a large censored sex toy in one hand. The shorter man yelps out 'M-My king?!'

This piece by CementoMori makes me giggle and kick my feet every time I look at it. I love the shorter guy's messy hair and boobies and funny and cute flustered expression (ah, can you tell I'm in love with this character?). His partner's silent, serious approach is a cute contrast, and of course, the presence of a certain toy promises for a fun time in the near future hohoho.

~ ❦ ~

A drawing split into two panels of a pair of characters texting each other, by cave_kanem. The girl on the left panel is smugly bragging to the girl on the right panel about having obtained photos of their mutual crush. The text says 'I ain't telling nothing, but I snapped some 👌👌👌 pics of tha senSPAI from lunch break 🐿️🍎' The second girls begs for the photos, with five consecutive texts that read 'Send them to me Please Please PLEASE HELLO??????', but the other refuses with a text that reads 'no 🐿️💕'.

A crossover! This piece, by cave_kanem, features mine and SCUMSUCK's scout girls, who were both previously featured in the Gorl Scout Yearbook Zine. I love the interaction depicted here so much. The contrast between them, both in their expressions and the mood-setting color palette, and the texts themselves are so funny to me.

~ ❦ ~

A drawing of Shawn the clown by Lahi, in a portrait style. The clown, or rather jester, is wearing a jester costume with ringing bells on the three tips of his hat. He has a nosebleed.

This is beautiful illustration of Shawn is by Lahi! Lahi's painterly style is always such a nice visual treat. I love the green on the background contrasting with the jester's red and black outfit, and the translation from my cartoonish swirly large eyes to the golden rings in Lahi's more realistic artstyle is super cool.

~ ❦ ~


Here are my gifts for other folks!

A drawing of Riri, a creature with a humanoid appearance with bovine traits wearing a long sleeved attire with many bells. The character's creator is LouPiote.

A drawing of Riri, a character by Lou Tortue.

~ ❦ ~

A drawing of Maxy, a man with a long face, markings on his face and neck and hair that seems to defy gravity. The character's creator is cave_kanem.

A drawing of Maxy, a character by cave_kanem.

~ ❦ ~

A drawing of Hato, a man with a long face, long black curly hair in a ponytail, and mismatching eyes, smoking a crumpled cigarette. The character's creator is CementoMori.

A drawing of Hato Scheller, a character by CementoMori.

~ ❦ ~

A drawing of Delfina, a monkey furry with an undercut hair do that's brushed to a side, covering one eye, wearing a top and shorts. The character's creator is SpacePanther.

A drawing of Delfina, a character by SpacePanther.

~ ❦ ~

A drawing of Scout, a skinny man wearing a hoodie, being surrounded by Scylla, a half-man half-octopus creature wearing a leather mask. The characters' creator is SCUMSUCK.

A drawing of Ollie and Scylla, characters by SCUMSUCK.

~ ❦ ~

A drawing of Alexander, a man with black wavy hair with a face full of bruises. The character's creator is unlik3lyGrader.

A drawing of Alexander, a character by Webo.

~ ❦ ~

Sorry for the lack of commentary on the gifts made by me, this is a bit of a rush job to get tgis update out of the way. Perhaps one day I will come back and say something nice! One thing of note: most of these drawings were not saved in my art archive. I was able to find a copy of them from the server posts of this event. I'll have to check what else I forgot to archive from my old computer. This is human error I hope, and not something wrong with my drive!

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