Folger’s Flash 72 - Holiday edition ❄️☕ was a multifandom flash exchange event hosted on archiveofourown meant to start and finish in 72 hours. The exchange is titled after a Folgers Coffee ad infamous for its incestuous vibes, and focuses on incest ships from any fandom. The event's schedule was as follows:

Although creator reveals ended up happening on the 19th. Good because I didn't want to wait to put this page up, hehe.

The event was moderated by Apa, Corsa and Murcielago.

On this second edition of Folgers Flash, I stumbled upon a funny problem: I thought the original event would be a one-time thing, so I went ahead and used all twenty of my fandom slots with anything I could come up with. For this Holiday Edition, the mods smartly thought of using the previous tag pool so as to already have a database to pull from, but that meant participants who used up all their slots in the previous flash wouldn't be able to add new fandoms. The solution given was to email the mods with the fandom and ships you wished to add to the tag pool, use an alternative account to add tags, or ask a friend to do it for you. I was able to add a few new ships this way. Thanks mods and friend who helped me!

Below are links to the wonderful gift I received, the gifts I created for someone in the exchange, and gifts for other people I enjoyed!

🔞: explicit content
🌶️: sexual themes (sex, sexual fluids, horny vibe)
🥩: violent themes (blood, injury, violence)
🪰: grotesque themes (vomit, waste, putrefaction)

~ ❦ ~

My requests!!!

These are the prompts I signed up with.

Request #1

AO3 ship tags:

Kitarou (GeGeGe no Kitarou)/Mizuki (GeGeGe no Kitarou), Medama Oyaji/Kitaro/Mizuki, Medama Oyaji/Iwako/Kitaro/Mizuki

Any language gift OK! I only know Spanish and English, but it's cool if you want to make something in your native tongue.

DNW for all ships:
  • No top Mizuki, no bottom Kitaro.
  • No willing participant Mizuki (can be dubconned into things, but no happy consent).
  • No omegaverse.
  • No extreme or fringe fetishes (scat, abdl, inflation, etc).


  • Funny OK, angsty OK, perverted nonsense OK, guro OK.
  • If NSFW, please use Kitaro's aged up version (Getakichi Tanaka), I don't want underage Kitaro NSFW.
  • I'm good with GeGeGe S6 Kitaro, who seems to harbor feelings of appreciation for Mizuki, or Hakaba Kitaro's Kitaro, who is a bit of a shithead and does not appreciate Mizuki's efforts.
  • I'm good with both Kitaro Tanjou's Mizuki and Hakaba Kitaro's Mizuki.
  • Mixing canons for scenarios is fine.
  • It's fine if Mizuki's (lack of) aging makes no sense.

  • Mizuki often ending up as a damsel in distress because he gets in trouble with yokai due to his closeness to Kitaro and Medama Oyaji.
  • 🪰 Modern era future scenario where Getakichi finds Mizuki's reincarnation as a boy with vague or no memories of his past life.
  • 🪰 Kitaro slowly pushes boundaries with Mizuki over the years, Mizuki does his best to put his foot down.
  • 🌶️🪰 Kitaro uses "cultural differences" between yokai and humans as an excuse for him to get handsy with Mizuki.

  • No dom daddy whatsoever, if anything this is a sub daddy. Using the word "dad" for bullying Mizuki is OK.
  • No extreme or fringe fetishes (scat, abdl, inflation, etc). Feeding-related stuff OK in measured small doses as part of the whole nurturer/nurtured aspect of the bond. Vomit and piss OK in non-sexual ways as a fear response.

Medama Oyaji/Kitaro/Mizuki

  • Funny OK, perverted nonsense OK.
  • Gegero and Mizuki as brief past lovers, on good terms as friends.
  • Medama Oyaji can look like Gegero for whatever flimsy reason.

  • 🔞🌶️🪰 Gegero happily passing down the Mizuki hole rights to Getakichi like a treasured family heirloom, much to Mizuki's despair.
  • 🔞🌶️🪰 Gegero teaching Getakichi how to pleasure Mizuki best.

  • No strong Gegero/Mizuki vibes that overshadow Kitaro (Getakichi)/Mizuki.
  • No unrequited love angsting from Kitaro to Mizuki or from Mizuki to Gegero.

Medama Oyaji/Iwako/Kitaro/Mizuki

  • Funny OK, perverted nonsense OK.
  • Obviously for this scenario to work any chronological or canonical sense is thrown out the window, that's alright.

  • 🌶️🪰 Gegero, Iwako and Kitaro having a kind of fucked up (in a funny way!) relationship with Mizuki because they're yokai and have no problem with all molesting the same guy who is kind of sort of a family member. Mizuki finds Gegero and Iwako attractive but does not want to take the role of a unicorn, Getakichi does his best to exploit the fact that he looks like Mizuki's type.

  • No angst.
  • No bottom Iwako.

Request #2

AO3 ship tags:

Sho Kamui/Jin Hayato

Any language gift OK! I only know Spanish and English, but it's cool if you want to make something in your native tongue.

  • Guro OK.
  • Fun monster biology for Kamui OK (that includes funky penis, funky pussy, both, funky something else)

  • 🪰 Outside perceptions push Kamui and Hayato into internally consider each other family.
  • 🌶️🪰 Hayato teaches Kamui about the birds and the bees after walking in on Kamui getting familiar with himself/catching Kamui trying to wash soiled sheets/etc.
  • 🪰 Kamui grows to have weird feelings for Hayato as the man who raised him and now commands him, connected to any and all daddy issues he developed having a shitty rapist genocidal biological dad.

  • I have no top/bottom preference, but I don't want subby Kamui (flavoring with rank-play is ok just don't go overboard).
  • No extreme or fringe fetishes (scat, abdl, inflation, etc).
  • No omegaverse.
  • No AUs.
  • No focus on any characters being trans, especially on negative feelings like transphobia or gender dysphoria.

Request #3

AO3 ship tags:

Takeru/Towa, Tasuku/Takeru/Towa, Takeru/Makoto/Misao, Makoto/Misao

Any language gift OK! I only know Spanish and English, but it's cool if you want to make something in your native tongue.

DNW for all ships:
  • No extreme or fringe fetishes (scat, abdl, inflation, etc).
  • No omegaverse.


  • Guro OK.
  • 🪰 Takeru always chooses to trust Towa despite any doubts he might feel, Towa exploits this to the fullest.
  • 🪰 Childhood scenario with Takeru telling Towa he'll marry him when he grows up.
  • 🪰 Towa using his power (political, physical, however you want to read this) to protect Takeru in a way that Takeru notices and is perhaps a little disturbed by it.

  • NO top Towa.
  • No NSFW with underage characters.
  • No extreme or fringe fetishes (scat, abdl, inflation, etc). Vomit as a negative reaction OK.


  • 🌶️🪰 I don't really have any particular scenarios in my head I just think it'd be neat if Tasuku got his soul sucked out by these siblings at the same time.

  • No bottom Tasuku.


  • Guro OK.
  • 🪰 Takeru feels closer to Makoto and Misao as siblings than he does to his blood brother, but perhaps they don't see it that way.
  • 🪰 A scenario expanding on that line from Takeru that mentioned he considered bonding with Makoto at some point.

  • No sex, keep scenarios pre-intimacy.


  • Guro OK.
  • 🪰 A scenario exploring what it's like to grow up with a sibling that seems to be hiding something.

  • DNW:
    • No extreme or fringe fetishes (scat, abdl, inflation, etc). Vomit as a negative reaction OK.

Request #4

AO3 ship tags:

Guel Jeturk/Olcott | Ridrick Kruger

Any language gift OK! I only know Spanish and English, but it's cool if you want to make something in your native tongue.

  • Violence OK.
  • 🌶️🪰 Neither Guel nor Olcott have an incest fetish, but any intimacy they engage in is tainted by their family-related trauma, so they might or might not end up using father-son terms for each other without meaning to.
  • 🪰 Guel accidentally calling Olcott dad in different scenarios.
  • 🪰 I believe in universal bottom Guel supremacy, but you're free to show me the truth of bottom Olcott.

  • The dad might top and he might have a dominant personality but please no language, expressions or slang in the dialogue that are commonly connected to dom daddy as a kink.
  • No extreme or fringe fetishes (scat, abdl, inflation, etc). Vomit and piss OK in non-sexual ways as a negative reaction.
  • No omegaverse.

Request #5

AO3 ship tags:

Raoh | Ken-oh/Toki

Any language gift OK! I only know Spanish and English, but it's cool if you want to make something in your native tongue.

  • Angst OK, guro OK.
  • Original manga, Toki Gaiden manga, and DD Hokuto no Ken anime are the things I'm familiar with.

  • 🌶️🪰 Any PWP scenario that makes it necessary for Raoh to fuck Toki (omegaverse, fuck or die, sex pollen, healing semen, etc)
  • 🌶️🥩🪰 Violence as a form of expressing love. You can go all the way to quadamping and nullifying Toki with this idea. Can be set during Toki's imprisonment if you want a specific setting idea?
  • 🌶️🪰 Teen Raoh and Toki practicing kissing on each other for when they get a girlfriend (namely Yuria, an impossible goal).
  • 🪰 Raoh loves Toki and Toki loves Raoh but somehow the feeling is not reciprocated the way each of them wants it to be.

  • No top Toki.
  • No underage sex.
  • No extreme or fringe fetishes (scat, abdl, inflation, etc). Except for the stuff listed in the prompts.
  • Toki with a pussy is OK, but I don't want gender identity talk in the work and no negative trans stuff (transphobia, dysphoria).
~ ❦ ~

Gifts someone made for ME!!!


arranged by travastila 🔞🌶️🪰

"Kitaro has grown up into such a fine young man. He deserves only the best.” Gegero smiles as leans over in his seat, hands clasping down on Mizuki’s shoulders. “So the last gift for the occasion is you, Mizuki!”

Truly I can't convey how thankful I am that two Folgers Flash-es in a row I've been blessed with rare nutrients I didn't think I could get in an English fandom event. I really just added my Kitaro prompts as wishful thinking, almost more to write things down for myself than anything, and somehow... Somehow, an angel took my wish and made it true. This fic has the sort of flavor I wanted in a 3P scenario with these characters: Getakichi's slowly simmered hungry love, Gegero's casual push towards illicit activities fueled by fondness, and Mizuki's helplessness in the face of their demands. I really, really hope people read this fic and become curious and fall into the dangerous pit of Kitaro yaoi.

By the way, I am intensely tickled at the fact that I was paired up with my gifter. Much like Newtypes and Stand users, rarepair devourers attract each other...

~ ❦ ~

Gifts I made for someone else!!!


love love love Mizuki for travastila 🪰 [AO3 archive]

Prompt: The family sharing Mizuki (he's like their little cute human housepet)

GeGeGe no Kitaro fan art. A group of four characters. In the middle is Mizuki, a man with short dark hair parted to the left, a chipped left ear and a scar over his left eye, wearing an office suit. To his left is Iwako, a beautiful woman with short dark hair, pointy teeth and nails, wearing ball earrings and a short-sleeved dress. To his right is Gegero, a tall man with short white hair that hides his left eye, pointy teeth and nails, wearing a kimono. Hovering over Mizuki is Getakichi, a young man with a similar hairstyle to Gegero, but longer, pointy teeth and nails, wearing a striped long-sleeved shirt. Gegero and Iwako smile happily at Mizuki, looking smitten, while Getakichi has a more disturbing look on his face, panting. With Gegero's right hand, Iwako's left, and both of Getakichi's hands, they form a heart over Mizuki's chest. Gegero and Iwako use their free hands to each grab onto one of Mizuki's arms. Mizuki's eyes are closed and he's sweating profusely. Hearts float above the group.

I had a more complicated limb configuration going on in my initial sketch that had Mizuki using his hands to form hearts with his two arm leeches, but then I thought, what if all three Ghost Tribe family members form one big heart together to show how big their love for lil' ole Mizuki is? That way Mizuki also stops being an active participant in their goofy antics, heh. It's my first time drawing all four of these characters, please don't judge me too hard.


love love love Mizuki for travastila 🪰 [AO3 archive]

Prompt: Reincarnated Mizuki

GeGeGe no Kitaro fan art. Three sketches of the same pair. Getakichi, a tall man with long hair that covers his left eye wearing a long-sleeved striped shirt, and Mizuki, a young boy with dark short hair parted to the left and large droopy eyes, wearing a school uniform, a hat and a backpack. In the largest sketch, Getakichi pulls Mizuki from behind, both hands circling his chest, as if getting him out of the way. Mizuki looks surprised, loose limbs swaying with the sudden motion. Getakichi gives a frightening glare towards the viewer, some strands of his hair growing longer, one of them catching Mizuki's hat mid-air. In the top left small sketch, Mizuki is walking away from Getakichi, looking somewhat embarrassed and waving goodbye, holding his hat with his other hand. Getakichi smiles non-threateningly at him, waving back. In the bottom left sketch, Getakichi leans down to Mizuki's height so Mizuki will pat his head. Mizuki sighs, a speech bubble with a cartoonish baby above his head. He can't see that Getakichi's single eye is teary while he pouts. A thought bubble with a heart is above Getakichi's head.

Oh, I should not be given reincarnation AUs, I'll just fiddle with them in my head for the rest of times... Mizuki probably finds this weird niisan endearing somehow. I'd like to think Getakichi knows how to behave around little Mizuki. For now at least.


MariRishi Christmas for cumdumpster666 🪰 [AO3 archive]

Treat for Folgers Flash Exchange.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters fan art. Malik and Rishid dress for the holidays. Malik is a petite man with dark skin, long light hair, wearing a long-sleeved short Santa dress with a belt, a choker in the same style of the belt, leather gloves, thigh-high leather boots, and his usual gold pendants. Rishid is a tall man with dark skin and his head shaved save for the lower part of the back of his head where he keeps his black hair in a low ponytail, wearing a onesie, a hairband with cute deer prongs, a large bow with a bell on his neck, and leather gloves. Rishid easily carries Malik with one arm, and they both seem to be looking at something out of frame. Malik looks happy and mischevious, making horns over Rishid's head with one hand. Rishid looks somewhat serious, the smallest smile on his face. The drawing is signed as SPILL and the dedication reads FOR CUMDUMPSTER666.

The first of many treats I thought I'd draw, except I only finished this one, oops. But I had a great time slowly layering my soft inks, it adds a fuzzy quality that fits the current weather I think.

~ ❦ ~

Gifts someone made for someone else!!!


the wanting comes in waves by rhaelayne 🔞🌶️🪰

Mayhaps one deprived of Mother’s nourishment could have never grown to be good.

I was looking forward to seeing which of this person's prompts would be picked, and how the prompt would be developed. I haven't watched House of the Dragon yet, but I want to so can better understand my friend's ship obsessions. Regardless, this story doesn't need context to be enjoyed, all the intense feelings and thoughts are well represented within the piece!


First Ride by cumdumpster666 🌶️🪰

Comic art for Robin losing his virginity in the Batmobile.

A gorgeous vintage comic book style with the dialogue to match the vibe! Equal parts funny and spicy. The artist has included both color and black and white versions so you can really admire the craftsmanship and use of halftones!


Melancholic Encounter. by Anonymous 🪰

Dante finds out who Nelo Angelo is.

Moody sketchy sequential art of a scene that conveys heartbreak perfectly through the characters expressions and (lack of) words exchanged. Hand poses say so much here with the way the two characters touch each other and the way they encapsulate the size different the artist focused on!

Live, Laugh L - by PuppyGuppy 🪰

Well, fuck.

Suppose that tracked.

He was the one that took it up the ass, after all.

Unplanned pregnancy lonely Dante fic. As angsty as that sounds but with a Dante attitude spin that really conveys the dread of being in such a situation while trying to keep cool. The title's unspoken "love" is such a good way to convey the main conflict the central character wrestles in this story.


twin telepathy magic nonsense by croquant 🔞🌶️🪰

Han is allowed to watch, sometimes.

The tone of this fic is so, so funny to me, conveys Han's feelings on his strange situationship as a regular guy caught up in the middle of twins who are connected in ways he can't even fathom. This bond interpretation is the perfect take on this throuple to me.


Relax by xyzer 🪰

Han is allowed to watch, sometimes.

Super fun and cute story about Scout trying and failing to seduce the Spy. The humorous tone in dialogue, prose and scenes kept me grinning the whole way. As far as dadzoning takes on this pair go, this is quite a nice flavor!

~ ❦ ~

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