Two By Four Zine An Iromatsu Zine is a free Karamatsu and Ichimatsu ship digital fanzine that was organized on Twitter and, after a long time, was released somewhere, probably on Dropbox. Although the zine's title implies karaichi ship order, both karaichi and ichikara works are included in the book. My bad memory isn't very helpful when it comes to writing these blurbs, but the fanzine had a very rocky development due to the organizer constantly disappearing, and after a while one of the zine contributors offered to finish the zine for everyone. The zine started development somewhere during April 2016, and in August of the same year Kimoi took over the organizer role, with the help of trashy_sin as the zine designer. The zine, 121 pages long, released (possibly) in September of the same year, with sixty-five pieces by forty participants.

Below are the entries I submitted to the zine. Seven of my pieces were made for the zine, and one was an illustration I drew before the zine was organized, but that I thought fit the theme.

🔞: explicit content
🌶️: sexual themes (sex, sexual fluids, horny vibe)
🥩: violent themes (blood, injury, violence)
🪰: grotesque themes (vomit, waste, putrefaction)

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My submissions


ichikara - calming detective AU 🔞🌶️🥩🪰

Osomatsu-san fan art. Eroguro of two characters, Ichimatsu, a hunching man with messy hair, wearing a hockey mask and dark clothes, wielding a knife in his left hand, and Karamatsu, a man with messy black hair wearing nothing but a white bathrobe and holding a glass of wine in his left hand. Karamatsu stands with his back to the viewer, his hand holding the wine glass raised up to face level to the side. Ichimatsu stands in front of him, staring directly at the viewer. He rests his left hand over Karamatsu's right shoulder, gripping the bloody knife tightly, while he reaches around with his left hand to roughly finger and grab at Karamatsu's bare ass. There's a stylized bright red gash in the middle of Karamatsu's back.

Ah... Back then I was trying really hard to do color illustrations. The texture on this one is quite nice. I really like the over-the-shoulder glare.


karaichi - erotic asphyxiation 🌶️🪰

Osomatsu-san fan art. Erotica of Ichimatsu, a man with messy black hair, pointy teeth and thin eyebrows, wearing a cyan bedazzled tanktop that reads KARA. He has a blue belt with a cartoonish face as a buckle tied tightly around his neck, making veins on his neck and face pulsate. Ichimatsu tries to breathe, his face is sweaty and red. His eyes are rolled up, red and teary, and he's smiling in a deranged way, tongue lolling out, saliva dripping from the corner of his mouth. His right hand reaches tensely towards the belt, but doesn't quite grab at it. In the backgroun the word KARAMATSU is repeated over and over in a faint color.

This file is titled "karaichi", so I guess it's karaichi. I guess at the time I was able to see Ichimatsu as an aggressive, violent uke. I like the kind of style I went for here. The eyelashes are pretty.


Animal heads

Osomatsu-san fan art. Two characters stand facing each other, nude. To the left is Karamatsu, a man with a fit body, wearing a mask in the shape of a tiger's head with blue fur and purple whiskers. He stands tall, chest puffing out. To the right is Ichimatsu, a hunching man with a soft body. He wears a mask in the shape of a furry cat with purple fur and blue whiskers. Both their downturned mouths are visible through the open mouths of their masks.

I opened the files for both these drawings to see if I had fully rendered their faces beneath the masks (I didn't) and found a picture of a shirtless Zac Effron I used as reference for Karamatsu's body, lol.



Osomatsu-san fan art. Ichimatsu is a man with messy hair, wearing a purple sweater with a cartoonish cat print design, and plaid green pants. He seems to be floating underwater, bubbles surrouding him, and he makes paw-like motions with his fists as he looks at the viewer and opens his mouth to meow. From it an elongated pink speech bubble with cat ears comes out, the word NYAA written on it.

I drew this as a gift for miyu, not for the zine, but I submitted it as a piece anyway. It's cute.


Necessary Evil - companion pieces 🌶️🪰

Companion illustrations for Kimoi's story, Necessary Evil. If the drawings didn't clue you in, it's a story about Ichimatsu helping Karamatsu vomit, and also some sex happens. Although I don't feel particularly attached to vomit itself as a kink, I do really appreciate the aspect of helplessness that the scenario evokes, which the story does a good job emphasizing mixed in with Ichimatsu's disgusted endearment for Karamatsu. I hope I was able to reflect all of that in the illustrations! There's a sketchbook somewhere in my house with all of these in it, that's a funny thing to think about.

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