Mob Stocking 100 is a Mob Psycho 100-focused event hosted at Dreamwidth. Sign-ups began on October 25, 2022, and gifts were revealed on December 31st, 2022. Rather than an exchange, the event is themed after holiday stockings, where participants would leave a profile post where they'd describe their preferences, and other participants would fill a stocking they're compatible with. The event was moderated anonymously.

Below is my stocking profile, all the gifts I made for other people during the event and some of the gifts I received. Any art by others has been shared with explicit permission of the artist!

🔞: explicit content
🌶️: sexual themes (sex, sexual fluids, horny vibe)
🥩: violent themes (blood, injury, violence)
🪰: grotesque themes (vomit, waste, putrefaction)

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My stocking

Name: spill

(Optional) Profile Link(s): homepage

Requested Media Types (fic, art, or both): both.

Things I Don't Want To Receive (DNWs): top Reigen, bottom Mob, daddy kink or daddy vibes (very important), straight up sex (for example, somewhat frisky stuff is ok but penetrative sex is not ok), pee, poo, Mob Ritsu or Minori being depicted as younger than their main storyline ages so no flashback stuff, established relationship, same age AU.

Things I Like: UST, heavy vibes, slowburn, one-sided (the one-sidedness can be imagined by the smitten one), age swap, being forever stuck one step behind acknowledgement of feelings, attachment between two characters that's probably maybe leaning towards unhealthy.

Requested Character(s) and/or Pairing(s): mobrei, mogamino, mogarei, riteku (I can tolerate ekurit if a good strong case is presented but be mindful of that DNW for daddy kink).

(Optional) Prompts:
- mobrei: future setting college-era Mob ends up rooming with Reigen because XYZ reasons (tension tension), age swap, unsuccessful Mob confession (canon age or future), drunk friendly Reigen igniting something in Mob (keep in mind drinking age in Japan is 20+), panther Mob, for any canon scenario or future scenario a general feeling that the bond is taut like a rope that's been straining for too long but still working out somehow.
- mogamino: pre-mogami arc first meeting of sorts kind of a Child's Play scenario except the talking toy is one of Minori's bears, any sort of Minori-focused thing about how there is/was a horrible man inside her head (too full when he's around and too empty when he's gone).
- mogarei: AU where Mogami and Reigen have a master-student bond similar to Reigen and Mob's except it's you know terrible because Mogami is a bad person 🙂 no powers for Reigen he's just a big Mogami fan from seeing him on TV... two thumbs up if mixed with some ageswap mobrei.
- riteku: got nothing specific beyond expanding what's in the canon I just wish this ship wasn't so underrated 🙁 I like their bond and how they use each other to reach a goal and how that goal is the same person.
These are all incredibly optional I'm only trying to evoke a vibe with these specific prompts so that you get what I like about these ships :3 sorry if the impression is a little muddy I like nice stories and art too just nothing too saccharine, thank you for reading.

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My gifts to others


Loss of control for Meowcatsreaders [AO3 archive]

Prompt: "ageswap au" + "???/Reigen -reigen being the only one who can calm down ???"

Mob Psycho 100 fan art. Age swap scenario. Mob is a tall, muscled man with dark hair in a bowl cut hairdo wearing a black turtleneck and an open suit jacket. Reigen is a boy with light short hair and bangs wearing a school uniform. Reigen is injured: his face is visibly bruised around his eyes and nose, his left eye is beginning to swell, there's a trickle of blood coming from his right nostril, and on the corner of his mouth there's drying, half-wiped blood. His school jacket and button-up shirt are open, showing his undershirt, and the sleeve of his uniform has been torn near his shoulder. With his right hand, Mob gently but firmly holds Reigen close to his chest by the nape of his neck. His left hand is raised a little below shoulder high, fingers tense, as if about to attack. Mob's face is shrouded in shadows, and his expression is terrible. He shows his teeth in an angry snarl, and his eyes are wide and completely white, as if he's not all there. His hair floats upwards as the aura of his psychic powers surrounds him and the boy. Reigen looks up at him from where he is pressed against Mob's chest, worried, saying something to the man that the viewer is not privy to. He presses his right hand to Mob's chest, trying to get his attention. There is text on the image, the first reads SPILL, and the second reads PARA MEOWCATSREADER.

Ageswap mobrei will always have me on a chokehold. The pair's bond is already a very strange, complicated, borderline unhealthy thing. If you flip them around... I really love to burden Reigen more than ONE-sensei did in canon.

Pressure points for Unashamedfully 🌶️ [AO3 archive]

Prompt: "ageswap Reigen giving Mob a massage and Mob getting turned on"

Mob Psycho 100 fan art. A textless comic featuring Mob and Reigen. Mob is a tall, muscled man with a bowl cut hairdo, nails painted black and a face shrouded in shadows, wearing a black turtleneck, an open suit jacket, and slacks that fit a little tight. Reigen is a boy with light short hair with bangs wearing a middle school uniform.There's three panels in the comic. The first panel is a close-up to hands. Reigen holds on to Mob's large hand with both of his hands, palm up to give it a massage with his thumbs.The second panel shows Reigen's face in profile towards the left, eyebrows pinched in annoyance as he looks down to focus on his work. His mouth is open as he voices his annoyance to Mob.The third panel shows Mob, facing the left of the image in a 3/4 position. He sits with his legs crossed, right over his left, and his right hand rests over his right thigh, held in a tight fist, veins pulsing on the back of it. Mob's shadowed face hides his expression, but his eye shows his laser focus on Reigen's actions. His left hand is extended forward to let Reigen do as he wishes. In this panel, Reigen's hands aren't shown massaging Mob's palm, but instead they appear in the middle of the panel in a gentle pose to depict Mob's intense focus. There is text on the image, the first reads PARA TEE, and the second reads SPILL.

I probably went too subtle with the prompt here. More than anything else, Mob just looks angry, but I was picturing an tense sort of horny from the start anyway. Self-loathing? Poorly managed self-control? Genuine anger at the clueless object of desire? You decide.

Shared meal for Dynydydn 🌶️ [AO3 archive]

Prompt: "Mob/Reigen/??? (OT3, Reigen sandwich)"

Mob Psycho 100 fan art. A sequence drawing with three parts. First part: ??? and Reigen kiss. ??? is a boy with a bowl-cut hairdo wearing a school uniform whose form is all white. Reigen is a man with light short hair and bangs wearing a suit. ??? leans into Reigen's space to deepen the kiss, hands resting on Reigen's shoulder. ???'s face is neutral, eyes open to stare at Reigen's expression. Reigen is leaning away from the kiss, fisted hand pushing against ???'s shoulder. His face is flushed, eyes shut tightly, beads of sweat on his face and neck.Second part: They break the kiss as Reigen slowly turns his head to look behind him where a hand with nails painted black reaching for him. ??? focuses on Reigen, looking at his half-lid eyes and flustered face.Third part: Reigen's fully turned by now, looking at Mob with a needy expression, tongue peeking between his lips. Mob is a mirror image of ???, but he's not all white like him. Mob's hair is black, and his face is shrouded in shadows. He looks at Reigen's lips, sweating heavily, his own lips parted as he closes the distance between them. ??? watches them neutrally, licking his lips.There is text on the image, the first reads SPILL, the second reads PARA DYNYDYDN.

I tried to do a little sequential art for this one, as I couldn't decide how to work the sandwich aspect into the illustration. Perhaps I needed a larger canvas, haha. Even if it's cramped, I like the energy.


Pincer attack for militarypenguin [AO3 archive]

Prompt: "Tsubomi/Mob/Reigen (either Mob as the sub with the other two as doms or Reigen as the sub with the other two as doms)"

Mob Psycho 100 fan art. Tsubomi and Reigen crowd Mob. Tsubomi is a young woman with long black hair styled in a left part, wearing a dark dress shirt and with her nails painted in a dark color. Mob is a young man with black hair in a bowl cut hairdo, wearing a white v-neck, short-sleeved shirt. Reigen is a man half a head taller than Tsubomi with light short hair with bangs that cover his forehead wearing a suit.Tsubomi is on Mob's right. She smiles at him in a friendly way that somehow feels threatening, eyes crinkling closed, and she caresses Mob's chin with the index finger of her right hand. Reigen is on Mob's left. He smiles happily at Mob, slightly leaning forward from behind Mob to take a look at his face. His left hand rests on Mob's left shoulder, and his right hand rests on Mob's right shoulder, where Tsubomi stands close enough for Reigen's knuckles to brush her chin. Mob stands in the middle of the pair, hunching down to Tsubomi's height. Eyes wide, he keeps his sight to the floor, lips pressed closed, sweating profusely, his face completely red. A frame surrounds the trio, with multiple hearts bubbling in the middle, above Mob's head. There is text in the picture, which reads SPILL and PARA MILES.

What's better than an earnest lover kind of character being bullied by his object of affection? Why the same situation times two of course.


Shimateru for Zeda 🌶️

Prompt: "☆ SHIMATERU ☆" + "dubcon"

Mob Psycho 100 fan art. Shimazaki hold Teru in his arms against his will. Shimazaki is a tall man with his short black hair styled back in spikes, a few purposeful strands falling on his forehead and smiling closed eyes, wearing a leather jacket over a shirt and leather pants. Teru is a boy with fluffy blond hair, which has been styled into long twin tails with extensions. Teru is wearing a frilly maid outfit. On his head he wears a lace headpiece with matching ribbons on each side of his head. The dress has short balloon sleeves, and the skirt length is above mid thigh length. Over the dress he wears an apron with very frilly edges, a ribbon around his neck, and cuffs on his wrists. Teru wears stockings that go up to just under his knees and Mary Jane shoes.Shimazaki leans close to Teru's face with a smile, holding Teru up by the waist with his right hand and under his thighs with his left hand. Teru angrily turns his face and eyes away from Shimazaki, mouth open to complain. With his left hand he holds on to the hand Shimazaki has on his waist, trying to pull it away from himself. With his right hand, he roughtly fists Shimazaki's jacket in an attempt to shake him off. Teru is visibly blushing and sweating at whatever Shimazaki is saying to him.The text on the picture reads SPILL and PARA ZEDA.

I think I really like to draw Teru in his flashy maid outfit from Mob Psycho 100: Psychic Puzzle, and Shimazaki probably would also like to see Teru in that fit.


Shouritz for shimazakisWife

Prompt: "ShouRit age gap au: Ritsu older than Shou by a couple of years (or several years)"

Mob Psycho 100 fan art. Ritsu, a young man with long dark bangs and dark eyes wearing a suit, is crowded by Shou, a young boy with light spiky hair, light colored eyes, wearing a varsity jacket, jeans and sneakers. Shou jumps into Ritsu's personal space, hands pawing at his chest, and he smiles up at Ritsu, blushing, eyes half-lid in happiness. A heart appears above his head. Ritsu holds Shou by the shoulders, keeping Shou in place but not shoving him away. He looks down at Shou's smiling face, somewhat disgruntled. A bead of sweat rolls down his face. There's small text in the image, which reads SPILL and PARA SONIA respectively.

I never thought of this scenario before I drew for this prompt. Ritsu and Shou already have a fun personality gap, I bet adding a few years of growing up would make it more fun.

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Gifts for me!


i hear the anguish of the street by quiveringpalm 🥩🪰

Mogami's palm lands solid against the door beside her head, and she barely stifles a whimper as he leans over her. "I expect you know all about that, Asagiri Minori. Tell me—have you always known that's why you choose to torment others? Or was it just for fun?"

"Please," she stammers.

"Please," he echoes. "You haven't even asked me for anything."

This one has already been proudly hanging on my text recommendations page for Mob Psycho 100, and now it can hang in my Mob Stocking 100 page as well. I hope many people read this amazing fic and feel inspired to explore this most wonderful, most disgusting bond. I love Minorin and I love to think about the way these two characters must have interacted when we weren't looking at them directly in the story. I feel so fortunate that someone would write mogamino for me! Quiveringpalm took my prompts and created the feast of all time.


Satiny Formal wear EkuRits by KittieMitties

A drawing of two characters, Ritsu and Dimple. Ritsu is a young man with dark hair that spikes upwards somewhat in a casually messy way. He wears white shoes with dark soles, a light gray suit with a white and dark green vest, a dark gray shirt under, and a silky blue necktie that seems iridescent. His suit jacket is draped over the couch he's sitting on, crosslegged. Dimple is an older, taller man with short black hair. His cheeks have a bright red circular mark on them. He wears black shoes with pink soles, pink ankle socks, a dark warm gray suit with thin light vertical stripes, a light gray shirt, and a silky pink necktie. The inner lining of his suit is a pinkish red. Dimple lies on the couch, taking up most of its space, and rests his head on Ritsu's lap, looking up at him. His left arm hangs over the edge of the couch to wrap around Ritsu's ankle. Ritsu rests his left arm on the couch and props his head up with that hand, resting his other hand on Dimple's chest. Dimple places his free hand above Ritsu's. Drawn by KittieMitties.

Riteku is one of many MP100 ships I don't indulge in often because mobrei takes all my attention, and I don't really know anyone else who enjoys it and cooks for it. I'm super happy KittieMitties saw them on my wishlist and decided to treat me! The pose is casual and yet so intimate, the way they're tangled with each other makes me giggle. Both of them are looking sleek!! I love Dimple's fit especially, good socks, good inner lining on his jacket! Such a handsome pair.


I received two beautiful drawings for this pair, but I haven't received permission to share them. Please imagine the cutest ageswap mobrei and the handsomest panther mobrei!

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