Omomatsu Zine is a free Osomatsu-san digital fanzine that was organized on Twitter and released... Somewhere I no longer recall, maybe via Dropbox. It was organized by Bee with an open invitation posted to Twitter at some point during 2016. Submissions were done somewhere in September of the same year and the zine might have been released in January 2017. The zine is sixty-six pages long, with thirty-three contributors, both artists and writers, that created a total of thirty-three pieces.

Below is the entry I submitted to the zine.

🔞: explicit content
🌶️: sexual themes (sex, sexual fluids, horny vibe)
🥩: violent themes (blood, injury, violence)
🪰: grotesque themes (vomit, waste, putrefaction)

~ ❦ ~

My submission

Jyushimatsu x Hatabou's servants 🔞🌶️🪰

Osomatsu-san fan art. Erotica. Four characters appear in a sequential illustration. In the first section, Jyushimatsu, a young man with light skin and black hair in a bowl-cut hairdo, wearing a cyan suit jacket and gray pants, sits with his hands fisted on his knees, lifting his head up to avoid eye contact with a woman kneeling between his legs. She has light skin, long light brown wavy hair in a high ponytail, and dark green eyes. There's a tiny Japanese flag on top of her head. Her hands are on Jyushimatsu's, and she says 'I'll be your toilet, Ichimatsu-sama'. Jyushimatsu responts with 'Oh, I'm Jyushimatsu'. His face is red, and he has an erection. In the second section, the woman is gone, and now there's a man with light skin and dark hair in a stylish, half-slicked back hairdo wearing a butler uniform and a tiny Japanese flag on top of his head sitting between Jyushimatsu's legs. He's unzipped Jyushimatsu's pants and holds his erection with one hand, aiming it at his open mouth as he says, 'Please urinate, Karamatsu-sama'. Jyushimatsu seems even more nervous, face burning and sweaty, eyes losing focus. He flails his arms around as he exclaims 'OH!! I'm Jyushimatsu.' The sequence ends with a first-person view from Jyushimatsu's perspective. The man has been replaced with a much older one, balding and gray, wearing a black butler uniform and a tiny Japanese flag on top of his head. He holds Jyushimatsu's penis with both hands as a stream of bright yellow piss flies in a dramatic curve straight into his open mouth. He says, 'thank you, Jyushimatsu-sama'. A tiny floating head shows Jyushimatsu's mood in the moment, eyes gone white as  he cries in shock. He can only reply back with a defeated 'yes...' The illustration is framed by tiny Hatabou faces.

I joined this zine because I wanted to challenge myself drawing for a fetish I didn't quite understand. I laughed a lot at the jokes with Hatabou's servants in season 1 episode 6, especially the one with Jyushimatsu being shocked into pissing himself by their harsh self-imposed punishments. I thought it'd make for a pretty good omorashi idea for this zine. Not sure if I succeeded on the horny side of things, but I'm satisfied. I love the look of this illustration, the colors aren't half bad, the composition is fun and the characters look good. Good job, me!

Below are the sketches I found inside this drawing's old file.

~ ❦ ~

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