PAKIGE a 2nd Anniversary Zine is a digital and physical fanzine privately organized, created and released among the members of a tokusatsu-focused Discord server. As the title implies, the zine was created to celebrate the second anniversary of the server's creation, and to put together our common love for tokusatsu in a printed work. The zine was given a loose theme that participants weren't forced to follow, but basically, we should follow our heart and draw whatever fun, problematic things we came up with. My pieces aren't particularly kinky, but I followed my heart. The zine is not available to the public, but you can find some of the pieces in the archiveofourown collection that some of the contributors chose to share.

Below are the entries I submitted to the zine. I created the cover as suggested by zine members, as well as one entry of my own, and one illustration in collaboration with a writer.

🔞: explicit content
🌶️: sexual themes (sex, sexual fluids, horny vibe)
🥩: violent themes (blood, injury, violence)
🪰: grotesque themes (vomit, waste, putrefaction)

~ ❦ ~

My submissions


Zine cover 🌶️

Original illustration. A monochrome drawing with a soft style of shading. There's a cardboard box with two small, fluffy kittens inside, one white, and one striped. The white cat is wearing a large leather collar with spikes, with a heart-shaped tagged that reads 'SICKO'. The striped cat leans over the edge of the cardboard box with both paws on it, and holds the leash of a ball gag in its mouth. Besides the kittens, there's a whip inside the box. In front of the box there's a set of furry handcuffs, and a pair of eggs. Behind the box there's a bouquet of flowers. The word SAMPLE is written diagonally on the image. The drawing is signed as SPILLINGDOWN.

I was entrusted with the creation of the cover! It made me very happy to be able to do the face of the zine. I enjoy the kind of illustration this drawing is imitating, with cute soft baby angelic characters turning their eyes upward. My drawing comes with a kinky twist of course, to fit the energy.


Selected Tasty Ideas This Humble Spillingdown Was Pinged About By The Lovely Folks Of This Most Dignified Toku Slide Server 🌶️

What it says on the tin! I might not be nearly as active on this place as I wish I was but even a ghost like me has made their share of good memories in this cozy lil' server. I'm happy you remember me and tag me when you have a big brain moment, so this is my tribute to you~

As the blurb above says, these illustrations were made based on conversations and comments where I was pinged in case I was interested. Now, I'm terrible at being a member of a discord server, and I very rarely respond when pinged. I have the very bad habit of not checking pings until I'm certain I'll be able to make time to respond to things, and most of the time I end up not checking the ping at all. I wanted to redeem myself by drawing little things for some of those missed conversations. I'm truly thankful that people still think about me, despite my tendency to go silent for long periods of time. The original two-page section contained direct quotes to the chat logs with consent from the involved parties, but I will not be sharing such things in public. Please imagine a context as you see fit.


Restoration Process - companion piece 🌶️

Kamen Rider Zi-O fan art. An illustration of Sougo, a young man with short hair and big eyes wearing a short-sleeved button-up shirt and jeans, and Woz, a man with long black hair wearing a coat with a high neck and a muffler around his neck. Sougo sits barefoot on his bed with his legs crossed. Woz lies his head on his lap, where Sougo holds him in place with his left hand buried in his hair and his right hand covering his mouth as if to silence him. He stares at Woz's face with wide eyes, cheeks slightly flushed. Woz's eyes are unfocused and full of tears, face sweaty and red, breathing heavily.

An illustration made for aquabluejay's fanfic, Restoration Process, which I've also linked on my Kamen Rider recommended texts page. I've been told by a friend this drawing lives rent-free in their head and made them ship souwoz, which makes me very happy.

~ ❦ ~

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