Saint Seiya Week was an event organized on Twitter, held during the first week of August, 2020, from the 2nd to the 8th day of the month. It focused on the original series as well as the Lost Canvas spin-off. I no longer remember who organized this event. The event used the hashtag #SaintSeiyaWeek2020.

In this page, you can find a list of the optional themes for each day, and the art I drew for the event. It was a rushed experience for me, but I ended up drawing cool stuff. I shall not let myself forget that I boasted of planning to draw ikkishun for each day, and in the end I drew a couple really, truly, very vague ikkishuns. May I redeem myself in future Saint Seiya events, or just on my own time, and draw ikkishun for every theme listed.

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My art for the event


Themes for day one:

  • Childhood
  • Nostalgia
  • Hanahaki Disease

Saint Seiya fan art. A young Pandora takes light steps as she carries a bundle of sheets containing her newly born brother Hades. Her dress is a bit ragged at the end of her skirts, flowing in the night wind. Her hair extends beyond a realistic length to spiral around the canvas. Behind her the full moon shines with only a light mist to cover it. In the foreground of the image is a young Ikki on his knees, holding a bundle of sheets containing his baby brother Shun. Ikki looks terrified, eyes wide and face sweaty in the eerie presence of the girl. He holds his brother close to him, who sleeps peacefully. Pandora smiles at Ikki, and from the depths of the bundle in her arms, a single shining eye stares at the other pair of siblings.

For the first day, I picked "Childhood". I still look at this and feel so much pride. I love the way lovely tiny Pandora looks so otherwordly with her long hair and her tattered dress and her small steps, the bundle of horror that is Hades, and Ikki on his knees, scared and holding on to his bundle of hope. It's not a perfect drawing, but it's still great to me.


Themes for day two:

  • Reverse AU
  • Resentment
  • Betrayal

Saint Seiya fan art. A drawing of Phoenix Ikki, a rough-looking, muscular teenager with long black hair flaring out of the horned helmet he wears. His shoulders, chest, forearms and hips are covered by armor, and he wears black tights and sleeveless shirt underneath. Three pinion tails come out of the back of his armor. The upper side of his face is covered by a black mask, and a spark of light reflects on the lenses, giving him a scary aura. A chain snakes around his body, between his his legs, over his shoulders, circling his arms, enveloping him but not quite restraining him. He crushes a segment of the chain in the palm of his raised left fist.

For the second day... I'm not sure, but I think I picked "Resentment", although "Betrayal" might be a good fit too. Perhaps it was both? The filename is "ikkishun", so it's ikkishun, see? I drew ikkishun for the event, I did. A dangerous-feeling Ikki, very handsome.


Themes for day three:

  • Modern AU
  • Celebrity
  • Soulmate

Saint Seiya fan art. The image has a vertical composition. Above stand Shun and Saori back to back, Saori to the left of the image, Shun to the right, both donning their armor. The two of them look straight ahead of them, matching resolute expressions on their face. Their arms closest to the viewer are intertwined, holding hands tightly, and a braid of flowers surrounds their arms, binding them, and further down beyond them the braid extends to surround the third figure in the image. Below their bodies is a large bust of Seiya. His face is in profile, facing to the left, but his eyes are closed, frowning lightly, and his head is tipped down. The flower braid gently circles him.

For the third day, I picked "Soulmate". I love Saint Seiya Next Dimension and I can't wait for it to get licensed in my country so I can get my claws on it. Kurumada-sensei's cycling, myth-like writing does not lend itself for incredibly deep characterizations, but I've always enjoyed the little specks of gold everywhere in the comic. The bond between Seiya, Saori and Shun is one such gold nugget to me.


Themes for day four:

  • Apocalypse
  • Crossover
  • Personality Swap

Saint Seiya fan art. The solar system is depicted perfectly aligned, drawing a line up from the bottom right corner of the drawing, where the Sun is. They seem to shine with their own light, a light aura surrounding each planet. A spectral figure appears in the darkness of space. It's Hades, a man with a beautiful face and long dark hair that seems to flow perpetually. He dons an armor that covers his whole body, with metal wings coming out of the shoulders, forearms and buckle. The armor extends to his hands in a design that leaves the tips of his fingers exposed, showing his long black nails. Hades shape is so large he stands above the solar system. He looks down at Earth, to which he extends his left arm as if to grab the planet. The position of the celestial bodies and his eyes makes it so Pluto is positioned exactly where his left pupil is.

For the fourth day, I picked "Apocalypse". I don't love the resulting use of gradient and half-tones, but the composition is very cool to me. If I redrew this maybe the idea could come out better, but it's fine as it is now.


Themes for day five:

  • Olympus AU
  • Angel & Demon
  • Loneliness

Saint Seiya fan art. Dohko, an old man with a tiny, frail-looking body who wears a sun hat and robes, sits on the pointed end of a cliff by a waterfall. He faces away from the viewer and towards the water, which takes up the entirety of the background in the drawing. The water falls like a soft curtain that contrasts the dark angles of the cliff.

For the fifth day, I picked "Loneliness". An IRL actually sent me a message on Twitter to tell me they liked this drawing a lot.


Themes for day six:

  • RPG AU
  • Fantasy World
  • Royalty

Saint Seiya fan art. Julian, a young man with shoulder-length hair wearing flowy robes stands in silence in a dark environment, eyes closed as if asleep, right arm bent in a 90 degree angle to gather some of his robes on it. He seems to be underwater, as bubbles flow out of his mouth. A slender fish approaches him, reaching to his lips with its own.

For the sixth day, I think I picked "Royalty"? I'm sorry, Julian, you look too much like Shun here... I drew these illustrations one a day, so I didn't do studies for the characters. The shoulder-length hair twinks are bound to look the same if you don't take time studying them. I wanted to draw something cute and sad-feeling with Thetis.


Themes for day seven:

  • Time Travel
  • Transmigration
  • Happy Ending

Saint Seiya fan art. Three images of Saori Kido are superimposed one over the other: At the frontmost floats her sleeping toddler form, next is her as a young girl in a tattered robe, and in the background is her real form, cutting her long hair with a knife.

For the fifth day, I picked "Transmigration", although "Time Travel" would have fit my subject well, I guess. Maybe my favorite piece for the week! I don't draw female characters often enough, but Saori's always a fun subject matter. Her journey through Next Dimension, although frustratingly shortened because of dumb plot (and probably sexist) reasons, was very fun, and I hope to see more of her in the future, when Next Dimension resumes publication.

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