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Here's some cool places you could visit.

🔞: explicit content
🌶️: sexual themes (sex, sexual fluids, horny vibe)
🥩: violent themes (blood, injury, violence)
🪰: grotesque themes (vomit, waste, putrefaction)


I use other sites sometimes. I don't update anything often, so don't expect much, but here's my accounts. Beware of doppelgängers! If you see anyone saying they're me and the account is not on this list, they're probably lying. The only exception is my pictBLand account.

dreamwidth.org 🌶️🥩🪰 Media blogging with the rare personal entry. I was doing a movie-per-day challenge at some point, but life got in the way.

blorbo.social 🔞🌶️🥩🪰 Main social media outlet, used for most art, fannish posts, rants, what have you.

weibo.com 🔞🌶️🥩🪰 Secret special effects yaoi. Almost exclusively toku and mobrei.

twitter.com 🌶️🥩🪰 Due to newest changes, art is not posted directly to shitter. Will stick around until the ashes scatter.

poipiku.com 🔞🌶️🥩🪰 Gallery for Twitter posts.

tumblr.com 🥩🪰 Art repository (2018-present). Irregularly updated.

inprnt.com 🌶️🥩🪰 Prints on demand.

itch.io 🔞🌶️🥩 Digital goods peddling. Buy my mobrei comic collection! Souwoz collection coming soon.

patreon.com 🌶️🥩🪰 Monthly sketch and art log rewards. The most up-to-date art account, including art I don't post in public.

ko-fi.com Spare change, ma'am?

plurk.com Microblogging summer home. Well, it's winter right now, so I'm excused from letting it gather dust.

instagram.com Speedpaints and comm work. Rarely updated.

bigcartel.com Physical goods. Currently closed. You're better off asking via email or using the form linked in the goods page when it's open (plus you get a thank you sketch!)

pawoo.net 🌶️🥩 MP100 and mobrei focused pawoo account. Abandoned due to the complete lack of moderation on the platform, but I've left it up as an archive. You can check the profile, but I discourage visiting pawoo's frontpage.


People I will tie to a chair with their eyes taped open so they have to watch me go on a 20-hour rant explaining why a ship I love is real. In turn they will do the same to me as I kermit nod in agreement to their enthusiasm. Coincidentally they all have huge meats and juicy brains.

A web banner that reads 'GROOVY OCELOT BLOG!!'. There is a drawing of a cartoonish beetle next to the text. The banner links to a blog named GOOD OLD FASHIONED LOVER BOY BLOG.
🔞🌶️🥩🪰 Rompope's blogspot. Big brain OTP and character analysis.
A web banner that reads 'SCUMSUCK!'. The exclamation point is stylized with an cross instead of a dot. There is a drawing of a cartoonish devil next to the text. The banner links to a site named SCUMSUCK.com.
🔞🌶️🥩🪰 SCUMSUCK's website. Sexy grotesque art, fanzines, homegrown old man yaoi, Willem Dafoe's #1 fansite.
A web banner that reads 'deflectric'. There is a colorful drawing of a pufferfish next to the text. The banner links to a site named Deflectric - Creative Stuff.
Shane's wordpress. Artist interviews and personal projects. Real hucow.
A web banner that reads 'Marine Haddock'. There is a drawing of a character with brown long hair next to the text. The banner links to a site named The website of marinehaddock.
MarineHaddock's website. Fandom meta, tokusatsu, liveblogging, ships, indie developing. Site inspiration.
A web banner that reads 'Citro Who's also a dork'. There is a drawing of a character with green eyes and hair next to the text. The banner links to a site named Citro, who's also a dork.
Citro's website. Blogging, Helltaker fan fiction, and more fun things to come.
A web banner that reads 'DEFLECTRIC'. There is a drawing of a night sky in the background, with a waning moon framing the beginning of the text. The banner links to a site named deflectric.
Shane's website. Beautiful watercolors, pixel art and yaoi reviews.
A blinking web banner that reads 'MALAS INFLUENCIAS'. There is a drawing of a cartoonish beetle next to the text. The banner links to a site named Malas Influencias.
🔞🌶️🥩🪰 Rompope's website. Ero art, a thousand OCs, tasty fanart, chichis, patas. Blinking .gif overdose ahead. Best viewed on desktop.
angel hole zone
🔞🌶️🥩 Neko's carrd, where you can find links to the artist's various socials. Sad BL, guro, kemono, monsterfucking. Destiel peddler. My one and only Puchan-bullying comrade.
eryxotome - Link in Bio & Creator Tools | Beacons
La página Beacons de EryxOtome, donde puedes encontrar links a sus redes sociales y canales de strim en español. Entusiasta del otoge que se está tomando un break del strimeo por ahora (vuelve pronto Eryx). Admin ausente, esposa de Togami.
Risu's carrd, where you can find links to her various socials as well as her commission rates. Expert chibi artist, Woz scholar.
Hitzuji | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitch | Linktree
La página Linktree de Hitzuji, donde puedes encontrar sus sociales, cuentas de escritore y las muchas actividades que organiza. Booktuber en español. Me hizo la tarjeta de cumpleaños más linda del mundo.
nykvos | Archive of Our Own
🔞🌶️ jaq's AO3 archive. A precise understanding of what makes ageswap mobrei tickle my brain so pleasingly. Obi-wan Kenobi's husband.
rire | Archive of Our Own
🔞🌶️ miyu's AO3 archive. Prose that makes you fall in love with whatever ship they write about. Powerful enough to make me switch ship order beliefs one time.


Artists, writers, crafters and webmasters I've met while roaming the net through the years. Some I've had the opportunity of talking to and become good friends with, others I've only dared to admire from afar. Either way, they make the Internet a place worth visiting.

A web banner that reads 'Linkyblog'. There is a drawing of a woman wearing a headband with fake cow ears. The banner links to a site named Linkyblog.
🔞🌶️ Tre's website. BL, sexy art of hunky characters, ossan connosieur. Great prolific trajectory releasing fan comics focusing on the artist's fav ships and hole. Currently in the RyuKen era, previously a very dedicated bottom Endou/KaiEn enthusiast. Best viewed on desktop.
A web banner that reads 'Linkyblog'. There is a drawing of a woman wearing a headband with fake cow ears. The banner links to a site named Linkyblog.
🔞🌶️ Linky's website. Art, writings, shrines of all sorts, including a wonderful shrine dedicated to the mayalock ship that single-handedly turned me into a mayalock believer.
A web banner that reads 'KRAD'. There is a drawing of a man grinning widely while he licks on something. The banner links to a site named kradeelav.
🔞🌶️🥩 krad's website. Art, comics, leather fetish. Keeping alutegra alive and well in current year with very sexy art!
A web button that reads 'unlik3ly Grader'. There is a drawing of a featureless character making a peace sign next to the text. The banner links to a site named WELCOME TO UNLIK3LYGRADER'S PAGE.
🥩 Webo's website. Cool art, extensive OC gallery and story lore packed in a site design I love to click through. Blinking .gifs ahead.
A web button that reads CREATURE FEATURE'.
Ghastly's website. All things creature-related, of the fictional kind as well as the ones that live among us in this place we call Earth! Art, reviews, photography, shrines, blogs, a love for vampires and a taste for Halloween. Blinking .gifs ahead.
A web banner that reads 'WHIM WITCH'. There is a drawing of a magic circle with a six pointed star next to the text. The banner links to a site named WHIMWITCH.
Whimwitch's website. Writings, photography, art, coding, Yu-Gi-Oh. Banner paradise. Best viewed on desktop.
alubenket - itch.io
🔞🌶️ ket's itch.io store. Gorgeous digital fanbooks for Good Omens (azicrow), MP100 (ekurei, serirei) and OPM (saigeno).
BLK Kitti - BLK Kitti : Zeda's Playhouse
🔞🌶️ Zeda's website. Original art, fanart, and commission info. Zeda's art has such clean color and lines, I'm always impressed by how professional it looks.
El pensamiento muere en la boca
pax's website. Shrines, ship and character meta, and blogging. If you're into dirkroxy, come say hi to pax. Blinking .gifs ahead.
ON's website. Flash games I feel incredible nostalgia for. Puzzles, interactive animations, illustrations.
flecksofpoppy | Archive of Our Own
🔞🌶️ flecksofpoppy's AO3 archive. Prolific Shingeki no Kyojin writer currently in her ShinZawaShin era.
Gwappo | Archive of Our Own
🔞🌶️🥩 Motte's AO3 archive. Writer of fics that give you sweaty palms. Offline as hell which we should all be, but comes back when you least expect it to drop fic-shaped gold.
Hashibami's Poipiku | Illustration&more Box [POIPIKU]
🔞🌶️🥩 Hashibami's Poipiku gallery. Digital and analog artist who focuses on their favorite character Askeladd and draws lots of beautiful and intensely erotic bjoaske.
jaka the jackass (@chambonaizer) • Instagram photos and videos
jaka's Instagram gallery. Analog and digital artist with cool ass OCs and slick stylized fan art. Metalera.
jo_jk_ts_gj's Poipiku | Illustration&more Box [POIPIKU]
🔞🌶️ 냠냥's Poipiku gallery. Digital artist I met through their Kamen Rider art, and bonded with through our mutual love for amusha. Draws super sexy erotica of any ship they're currently into. Expert genderbender. Gundam, Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Fate series, Slam Dunk, and more. You can visit the artist's Postype too!
🥩 K.O.'s Tumblr gallery. Comics, illustrations, mastery of color and black and white, great ship art of a rarepair you've never heard of.
🔞🌶️🥩🪰 Taro Usuno's website. Incredible guro artist with an affinity for surreal aesthetics to depict grotesque subject matter.
See You in the Future | Litda
🔞 Litda's website. Digital home of an multimedia artist into Animal Crossing, Hokuto no Ken, Kamen Rider and other very cool things. Haver of good taste as a fellow Kaixa enthusiast. Best viewed on desktop, animated .gif backgrounds ahead.
Tofu's website. Pixel art, guy tiddies, beer drinking.
Yasushi Ishii's website. Homepage of the musician you probably know as Hellsing TV's composer. He has been updating his music blog since 2007. I love his sound. Best viewed on desktop.
田亀源五郎〜Gay Erotic Art of Gengoroh TAGAME
🔞🌶️🥩🪰 Gengoroh Tagame's website. World famous gay erotic artist and partial inspiration to making my own site, especially with his warning frontpage and about page. Lots of guro, lots of fringe kinks, lots of BDSM. Best viewed on desktop.


Weblistings, webrings, communities, and other such places.

A web button that reads 'I heart old man uke'. There is an older man emoji next to the text. The button links to a site named 腐 Fujofans Weblisting.
🔞🌶️🥩🪰 Fujofans Weblisting site, by SCUMSUCK. A directory for "腐 enjoyers: BL, yaoi, yuri, and queer art in general." A wonderful project where I can find like-minded rot enjoyers, click on any one listing and bask in the beauty of shipping-powered personal sites.
A web button that reads 'Neocities SoHo'. There is a painting palette next to the text. The button links to a site named Neocities SoHo Residential District.
Neocities SoHo Residential District. A directory of sites hosted in Neocities, described as the "place where bohemian artists and writers congregate and diplay their work.". Neo-Neighborhoods is an effort to revive the Geocities Neighborhoods of yore, down to the site's design.
A web button that reads 'May December Club'. The text is placed over an illustration of somebody holding a large open book.
🔞🌶️🥩🪰 A young webring project that welcomes all age gap shippers, created by 100years. Any and all age gap shipping is welcome here, so keep your tolerance high when traversing the ring.
A web button that reads 'Satan'. The text is placed over an illustration of a sad-looking chibi-style character with wings on their head.
A fanlisting dedicated to Ryo Asuka from Devilman. I love him, so I joined the list. Maintained by AllyRat.
A banner that reads 'BLORBO.SOCIAL'. Below and around the text is a cartoonish couch and a cartoonish tea cup with a smiley face as well ass three stars.
🔞 Small Mastodon instance aimed at fandom nerds. People are chill and they mind their own business as we all rave about the thing we like at our own pace.
A web button that reads 'AAW ADULT ARTISTS WEBRING'.
🔞🌶️🥩🪰 A webring that serves as a directory for visual artists creating sexually-focused art in an effort to keep adult-oriented artists visible and connected in an era where platforms keep pushing us out of them. Maintained by Nero.
Art platform in the works. There's more social media platforms focusing on artists already up and running, but I'm interested in seeing if this one in particular blooms.


Enlarge your brain, read a book a day! And by book I mean these webcomics.

A web banner that reads 'just gorly thingz! gorly.scumsuck.com'. There is a drawing of two girls kissing. One of them has a high ponytail, the other has short hair. The banner links to a site named Just Gorly Thingz.
🔞🌶️🥩 A comic by SCUMSUCK. The about page reads: ""JUST GORLY Thingz" is a lesbian fujoshi web comic, chronicling Liv's mundane slice of married life. Living as a fujoshi, yumejoshi, and himejoshi... she does it all!". Slapstick humor and a comic strip vibe.
A web banner that reads 'NO REST FOR THE WICKED'. There is a drawing of a woman with long hair wearing a shawl, turned horizontally so it fits the banner. The banner links to a site named No Rest for the Wicked: an online comic.
🥩🪰 A comic by Andrea L. Peterson. The about page reads: "One day, the Moon up and disappeared; where it went, or why, none can say. Without the Moon's light to keep them in check at night, monsters, crawling horrors, and other creatures of the dark run rampant throughout the land. But Princess November has much more pressing matters to worry about: she hasn't had a decent sleep in ages."

My favorite webcomic! I share it with whoever will listen. Unfinished but still worth experiencing. The site stopped loading the pages at some point between 2022 and 2023, but you can still hop into the Wayback Machine to give it a read. Best viewed on desktop.
A web banner that reads 'XYZMOB'. There is a drawing of a cartoonish snail next to the text. The banner links to a site named xyzmob.
🌶️ Capri's site, which is home to her comic about cute girls, vampires, and dating. Robert Englund's biggest fan.
Après Moi le Déluge
🔞🌶️🥩🪰 A comic by Hydein. As the site puts it, this is "a story about abuse". A boy is put in a boarding school against his wishes.
🥩 A comic by Jenn Doyle. The about page reads: "Set in an ersatz middle-ages, the comic's plot focuses on the political tension between religions analogous to the Abrahamic religions."
Red Rabbit - beyond the castle walls
🔞🌶️🥩 A comic by Soltian. The about page reads: "Out beyond the walls, adventure awaits. Jinn’s spent her life pampered in an Emperor’s palace, but her thirst for excitement takes her head-first into a world that’s rough, raw, and just a little bit magical. Luckily, so is she."
🥩 A comic by ONE. A story about a guy who trained so hard he became strong enough to defeat anything in one punch.


I'm a caveman who has no idea how anything works. These things have helped me make a lot of stuff, including this website. Almost everything listed is free to use, asks for donations, is a free version of a paid release, or runs with ads. Donate to the projects you enjoy.

A web banner that reads 'RAREBIT'. The text is framed by a drawing of a man on each side of the text. The banner links to a site named Rarebit - HTML Webcomic Template.
Webcomic template. Easy to understand even if you're a caveman like me, the code has clear instructions that help you understand the building of it. I use this in some parts of my site.
A web button that reads 'DANNARCHY Now!' Next to the text there's a 3D render of the anarchy symbol spinning fast. The button links to a site named Native Neocities Hit-Counter - Dannarchy.
A tutorial to get yourself a fancy hit-counter. Don't be a step skipper like me or you'll be scratching your head wondering why you couldn't get it to work. While the tutorial has a page design that is easy to navigate and read, the home page has many blinking, colorful animated .gifs both used as graphics and backgrounds, please keep that in mind before visiting the home page.
A web button featuring a drawing of a pink-haired character with shiny eyes. The button links to a site named ✩ VIRTUAL OBSERVER ✩.
A tutorial to create your own customizable comment section. While the tutorial has a page design that is easy to navigate and read, the home page has many blinking, colorful animated .gifs both used as graphics and backgrounds, please keep that in mind before visiting the home page.
Art program. I have a hard time weaning off CLIP STUDIO, who betrayed everyone who ever recommended it over other programs with a monthly subscription model, but this program's UI is pleasing enough to the eye and it feels right when I draw.
Art program. Whenever I don't feel like using CLIP, I go with this one. The different key shortcuts throw me off because I'm so accustomed to using my tablet's buttons, but I make do. Fiddled with a pen tool until I got the type of line I like most and now I have no trouble switching back to it for more relaxed, personal drawing.
MediBang Paint
Art program. As I understand, this is a fork of FireAlpaca, but for some reason I'm not vibing with it? However, when it comes to free iPad drawing apps, I enjoy MediBang Paint's mobile version. Since Ibispaint shit the bed and added AI image auto-generation, this is now my number one drawing app on the iPad.
Corkboard-type program. Instead of using Pinterest and reposting images without permission, try this! I like to use it to collect references for commissions, and for personal projects like my monthly collages of my daily movie challenge.
Image viewer. I got this back when I upgraded my Windows and Windows Photo Viewer was replaced by something I didn't like. It's actually also an image editor, something I haven't explored a whole lot besides some quick image resizing, which worked perfectly.
RIOT Optimizer
Image optimizer. I found this while looking for alternative image optimizers. Works fast, works well, easy to understand, and has a batch function. There's a plugin version too.
Visual Studio Code
Source code editor. I use this to edit my page. I used Atom before, but it's sadly been discontinued. There's forks out there if you don't want to see the Microsoft logo.
Live Preview for Visual Studio Code
VS Code's live preview extension. Allows you to see the changes you make on your code as it's happening, side to side within the VS Code window. Very useful for cavemen like me who have a hard time translating code to visuals.
Threadifier Macronator 9000!!!
A tool that, as the store page explains, "uses your downloaded twitter data to locate every tweet in a thread using the ID of the last tweet in that thread.". I'm tethered to the bird app by very little nowadays, my livewatch threads being one of those things. And speaking of MarineHaddock releasing cool things...
Let's make a Fansite and Populate it!!
Digital book. A guide for complete newbies to help them build their own website, focusing on those interested in making a fansite. The book not only guides you through the technical process of making a basic page, it offers ideas of what you can put in it and how to structure it, as well as pointers for much needed netiquette to create a fun space.
How to Display a Random Image
Image randomizer using JavaScript. I use this in some pages as a game.
Gallery and lightbox JavaScript library. I use this in some pages as a gallery. Includes a super useful tagging function.
Webaim: Contrast Checker
Web color contrast accessibility checker. You can check if your text and background color work well together.
Web technology for developers | MDN
Mozilla's web reference documents. I often use this page to make sure I'm not using outdated elements in my code.
Animal Photo Art References Search
Search engine that uses a 3D skull model to find photographs of animals to use as art reference, using Flickr. For human references, check these other pages by the same author, which use human-anatomy-for-artist.com's database.
Encyclopedia - Compare - Anime News Network
Anime News Network's database comparison tool. I personally never seem to get it to work the way the site instructs me to use it so I just add the works I want to compare manually to the URL. In the example I'm linking here, I am comparing Mobile Suit Gundam's staff with Mob Psycho 100's. Change the link's ending string from 46-18064 to the encyclopedia ID of any two or more shows you want to compare from ANN's database.

You can compare specific staff too, as exemplified here.
Settei Dreams
Animation production materials archive. Incredible compilation of settei for anime of different decades in very high quality. Very useful art reference resource.

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A web button with three spark symbols and two stars, one after the other. Next to the text, there is a drawing of a boy with a bowlcut hairdo staring towards the right of the image. The button links to a site named MAPPAPAPA/WARNING.
A web banner with three spark symbols and two stars, one after the other. Behind the text, there is a drawing of several boys with bowlcut hairdos and horns. The banner links to a site named MAPPAPAPA/WARNING.
My button and banner! Full of baby cow Mobs I drew.

If you don't know how to add a banner to your site, just copy and paste the code inside this box onto your website. The one on the left produces a banner, the one on the right produces a button:

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