An animation depicting the life cycle of the webmaster. The animation begins with an enthusiastic character drawing with a pen tablet. The character loses steam fast, eventually dropping over the tablet in tears. The character then hugs a dog as it wags its tail in response. The character smiles at the viewer, making a peace sign as they say 'OK'.

05.02.23 Bunch of new links hidden somewhere in here as well as some updates to shrines.
10.08.22 New shrine.
13.01.22 Commission prices, commission gallery, and about page updated.
12.12.21 New shrine, some shrine fiddling, and commission gallery update.
18.06.21 Updated commission gallery and shrine.
23.05.21 I-have-no-idea-how-to-use-flexboxes-and-at-this-point-I'm-too-afraid-to-ask.jpg
Anyway, how about them responsive two-column layouts?
22.05.21 Made a warning enter page, for all the good it will do. Thinking of how many news I'll be displaying here before I decide to make a news archive page. Maybe ten?
05.05.21 Attempted to fix commissions gallery. Failing that, added more art to it.
23.04.21 Added a gallery to the commissions page.
13.04.21 Okay, there's a guestbook now.
12.04.21 I've changed directory order a bunch of times. If a link is broken, please let me know. How? Through the guestbook I haven't created yet of course.


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