An animation depicting the life cycle of the webmaster. The animation begins with an enthusiastic character drawing with a pen tablet. The character loses steam fast, eventually dropping over the tablet in tears. The character then hugs a dog as it wags its tail in response. The character smiles at the viewer, making a peace sign as they say 'OK'. This image is a hyperlink that leads you to a page called Now Now Now.


05.05.24 Finalmente hice una galería para los cómics souwoz. Por ahora he subido los cómics de cumpleaños y una traducción.

02.04.24 Made galleries for my Kamen Rider art. Missing Faiz and OOO at the moment but I think they'll be done soon. Every gallery page as well as fics and some of my writings have a comment section now, which maybe works. Please clap I wrote so much alt text this weekend.

04.03.24 The MP100 gallery is a bit easier to navigate now and all art includes alt text. Unfortuntely, Ayano's comment widget is dead now due to changes to Neocities. I'll work on a new comment section next month.

02.02.24 I finally tried to implement Ayano's comment widget. Now there's comment boxes on a bunch of pages, namely galleries, fics and long texts, yay. Also fixed the mystery of the old man yaoi text pages. Don't forget to close your divs!

02.02.24 At long last! MP100 gallery. I think I made or perhaps updated other stuff but I can't remember what it was. Guess you'll have to explore to find out.

14.01.24 Added raffle prize to the frontpage! Enjoy looking at souwoz every time you visit now.

03.01.24 Wrote about old man yaoi and started my UuultraC live blog.

01.01.24 ¡Feliz año nuevo! Ojalá el 2024 sea muy lindo para todes. Y que traiga muchas cosas para el sitio.

01.12.23 And so the raffle comes to a close! Please keep your eyes open for the celebratory illustration on the frontpage, which will be up sometime this month (maybe). In other news, a new section has been added to this website: a place for uh... writing, I guess. It's a bit aimless now, but I hope I can figure out how I want to organize it. You might notice links to some things that don't actually have a shrine, don't worry about it. This site is always in construction. Besides the new section, a new shrine has been added, focused on the BLVN company parade and their games.

05.11.23 I really wanted to do something for 166666 visitors (an insane number for someone who grew up seeing their beloved artists do special art for 1k, 2k visitors by the way), but we blew right past it... Well, I can still do it anyway. Raffle time! 🥳 Visit my guestbook and let me know which is your favorite page on my website. Leave a contact method (email, instagram, mastodon, plurk, dreamwidth, no twitter because DMs don't work there anymore) and if you get randomly picked I will draw you one congratulatory illustration! You get two raffle tickets if you also link to your personal website. Doesn't have to be neocities, but it must be built by you! I'm a bit busy so I'll leave the raffle going until the 30th of this month. Let's hope somebody reads this, haha.

On actual site updates: the sitemap is hopelessly outdated, don't even look at it, I'm embarrassed. There's a now page you can access by clicking that evergreen .gif above, which I will update as often as I can remember. The events page has some more entries (those links on the list 404-ing aren't a mistake, I just haven't made those pages yet), including my latest fanzine endeavors. There's a mogamino playlist now so you can jam while you think mogamino things the way I do it, as well as a secret second unfinished playlist you might find in a different shrine that I had to upload for testing. The frontpage now lists two webrings, the Adult Artist Webring and the May December Club. There's probably more stuff.

20.09.23 I've been fiddling, I have. The goods page has a longer list of places where you can aggressively throw coins at me, and I've added an events page as I attempt to keep track of events I've participated in. There's already a variety of events listed, including some zines. I'm so sleepy, good night.

18.06.23 Guess who lied and didn't take a break from the site? Enjoy the sitemap, mailbox, several redesigned pages and who knows what else. No Kamen Rider character sorter yet at least.

06.06.23 My break was meant to be a lot longer but I had a sudden craving to edit something. The Kamen Rider shrine has a little more stuff in it, namely fic recs and fics authored by me. Enjoy! Okay for real now I won't be back for a while.

07.05.23 Okay I was treating the site like I do my folders and while it's quite comfortable for me to have 300 folders for my files it looked very cringe to have unnecessarily long URLs so I've change the whole system. Only on the Mob shrine for now, but I'll change the SVSSS shrine next whenever I find the time to do it. I'M NOT UPDATING ANYMORE for a while I have a lot of deadlines coming up! That's the end of these past months of web fiddling. I hope you enjoyed what I made. When I return, there might or might not be a character sorter for Kamen Rider, separated by series. Only if I figure these touhou sorter files (me not smart).

03.05.23 Removed the table from these news, hooray! Added some WIPs to the mob shrine: comic repository and character sorter.

28.04.23 I changed a lot of stuff but I forgot to log it, oops. New pet zone, new pet gallery, new individual pet bios. The pet page concept has been lovingly crafted by SCUMSUCK in the style of a Neopets page, all I did was snatch the code and fit it to my own needs. I've also fiddled a bit with the code to make the site's appearance more accessible, though there's still stuff to fix. Commission gallery has been updated with a whole new UI, also with SCUMSUCK's help. Also I suppose I don't need a table in here doing all the work of normal code now that I re-re-relearned I can use a div for this space so I should clean up the news section too.

12.04.23 New art in the pet gacha (which was actually never broken) by SCUMSUCK and Shane! Page definitely needs cleaning up, though.

05.02.23 Bunch of new links hidden somewhere in here as well as some updates to shrines.

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