Who did you pull today?

Cute cute!

Blank frames here if you want to make your own. Script taken from here.

I came up with this idea as a little thank you for Ko-Fi tips. Unfortunately, I have the programming ability of a rock, so the fancy version in my imagination did not come to be (yet), but this works well enough. If you think my pets are cute and would enjoy helping them be healthy, please consider giving me a little coffee. One of them is on the sickly side and requires special treatment, so any help is really appreciated!

There's no fancy "drop rate" or any such calculations in this faux gacha game, it's a randomized image script I pulled off a quick search. Currently there are thirteen cards made from photos of my pets that I traced over. Photo and rarity connection is based on what I think is a "rare event" in my pets' lives. Updated at a leisurely pace.

Last update: March 3rd, 2021.