Vintage circa 2018
Sacred texts studied
📚 Golden Kamuy (2014-2022)

📺 Golden Kamuy (2018-2020)
Favorite chara(s) Asirpa-san, Inkarmat, Ienaga, Henmi, Boutarou.
Favorite scene Volume 10, chapter 100 (185-190). While hiding from the freezing weather inside a fresh deer carcass, Sugimoto and Asirpa have a brief conversation on dried persimmons, guilt and identity.
OTP 👑ripasugi👑

I've always called this ship sugiripa and will probably continue to do so in casual conversation, even though I very much don't see Asirpa-san as the bottom or even the sub, and to begin with, I don't want to see Asirpa-san R18. If I try to make sense of it, the shape can seemingly be sugiripa at times, but the core is ripasugi in the end, right...? Asirpa-san's vulnerability may appear as ripe for exploitation by agressors and pursuers, but she can overcome these violent men on her own. Her will is stronger than Ogata's guilt and Tsurumi's vengeance, and, as the ending very well proves, it too is stronger than Sugimoto's selfishly good intentions. She makes her own choice to both face and be the perpetrator of violence if that is her desire, no matter how much Sugimoto can pretend her purity is something for him to preserve. When it comes to my ship delusions, top and bottom are often not a matter of seeing a character as only in a particular sexual position (as I said, the sex act itself is the least important aspect for me and one I lose interest in as soon as it happens, if it happens at all), but about emotional desperation and attachment. To me, Asirpa-san is definitely the pursuer, the pining one, the one who wants Sugimoto stay as her partner.

Ah, if this text doesn't make much sense to you, it's okay, it makes sense in my head.
Favorite OTP moment Sugimoto's descent into simp madness perhaps at least partially fueled by his loss of brain mass, from chapter 138 onwards. I like to use this particular moment as the marker of the toxic idolization of Asirpa-san because Ienaga temporarily becomes Asirpa-brained thanks to having had a few bites of Sugimoto's brain.
Other ships I vibe with ❤sugihen
❤sugiripashira kazoku
o→ripa, which is basically a proxy for yuu→o (which I also ship)
koitsuki ...
kadokura right fixed
hijikata right fixed
tsurumi right fixed
toni right fixed

Chef's specials BL, GBL, Asirpa-san brain worms, furry, guro.
Nutrients Fanart, meta.
Fav fic(s) it is a mystery
Landmines 💥 sugiosugi, 💥 Ogata, 💥 ripa R18
Extra Sugimoto will die. But his soul will choose to go back in time, the time when he was happiest, and he will be at season 1 first episode. Asirpa who loves Sugimoto wants to be with him too and wants to be in a time when Sugimoto'd love her, but since he already loves Umeko she'll go back in time before Sugimoto is born, and become his mother.

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