This gallery is actually just dedicated to shortbreads, whose jinhoro AU haunts me on quiet nights and makes me hunger for more.

Quick Q&A:

Why are the pictures crustier than I remember? I optimize every file so it weights less than 500kb if possible.

Now that I can easily look at your zerowan art, can I use it for this or that? Read my transformative policy to find out!

🔞: explicit content
🌶️: sexual themes (sex, sexual fluids, horny vibe)
🥩: violent themes (blood, injury, violence)
🪰: grotesque themes (vomit, waste, putrefaction)


gen Jin, Horobi. Canon setting.

jinhoro Jin, Horobi. Canon setting.


gen Jin. Canon setting, shortbreads' AU.

jinhoro 🥩 Jin, Horobi. Canon setting, shortbreads' AU.


jinhoro Jin, Horobi. shortbreads' AU.

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