Here is a collection of Kamen Rider reading recommendations. Right now it's all fics that I love and treasure! Besides the usual ship sectioning, The stories are listed by series in the franchise's chronological order, to try and keep things tidy. As always, use the handy emoji markings and mind the tags in the hosting sites.

I've included art I've drawn for some of these stories, both proper collaborations and gift art.

🔞: explicit content
🌶️: sexual themes (sex, sexual fluids, horny vibe)
🥩: violent themes (blood, injury, violence)
🪰: grotesque themes (vomit, waste, putrefaction)

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Kamen Rider Ryuki


【莲真】41岁的莲x23岁的真司 by bingjiayimai 🔞🌶️

A future Ren and a past Shinji have sex.

One of many fics by this author I like to hold in my hands and stare at. A PWP with a particular niche scenario that I love.

~ ❦ ~

Kamen Rider W


Dessert by Laylah 🔞🌶️

"You've been a perfect gentleman." She leans on her hand, regarding him thoughtfully. "I find myself wondering if I could impose on you further."

"I am entirely at your service," Kirihiko says.

Saeko and Kirihiko's dinner date turns into car sex. Kirihiko is eager to please.

Though at this point my memories of this show are vague, I remember being charmed by Kirihiko's relationship with the Sonozaki family, and of course with Saeko in particular. This fic's author did a great job translating their energy into a saucy scenario.

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Kamen Rider Drive


ricochet days by oryx

Someone gives Shinnosuke a chance to change the past.

I was so surprised surprised to find fics for this ship on AO3! Shinbelt felt like such a shot in the dark, in a franchise full of handsome dudes who'd be shipping the hero with his belt? (Me in multiple seasons, that's who.) The author's honest love for this ship comes through in a what-if scenario that tugs at the heart strings... I'm a freak in love with him in his belt shape, but human Krim having a chance to be tender and loving with Shinnosuke is quite nice.

~ ❦ ~

Kamen Rider Build


How it begins by bomper

Sawa's experiences after the Build finale. Doing what she does best - putting everything together. Rebuilding, you might say.

(Oh, and even enjoying herself, here and there.)

Build was the first Kamen Rider show I completed and right off the bat I ended up falling for quite a niche ship, sensou (and every other alien-flavored remix of this ship). This fic was just about the only thing I could find with a slight flavoring of my newly acquired OTP that wasn't explicitly the reverse order. The ship's only vaguely present in a tiny fraction of the fic but it kept me alive for longer than you can imagine. Either way, the fic suits me fine, I'm rather multiship and poly-friendly when it comes to Build.

many moons deep at play by oryx

Grad student Kiryu Sento is given an employment opportunity he can't refuse.

Intriguing no powers AU where Souichi and Isurugi are written as twins. There's certain bits and pieces here that make me wonder if the author intends the story to connect to the show's universe, I hope there's a continuation one day.

I think this is probably going to develop into a bottom Sento fic since it has strokes of sugar daddy with the way Evolt and Sento interact, which would make me sad, but I'm charmed by the way Sento's written anyway, and I'm starving, so what can you do. Sento calls Soichi cute in his head a couple times, I'm content.

~ ❦ ~

Kamen Rider Zi-O


庄沃ABO by bingjiayimai 🔞🌶️


Ohhh this fic... This is the fic that linked me to this author. The months after my friend gave me incurable rider brain worms were a strange and lonely place. I was quickly given the scarlet letter of evil artistry (my crime being drawing mobrei) by someone who seemed to have some kind of standing within the English-speaking community, soiling my first impression of the fans, but even if I had wanted to hang with the fandom, I didn't really connect with what fans seemed to mostly be into when it came to character understanding and shipping preferences. Back then, I had my single friend and no one else.

That's why finding this fic drove me insane. I couldn't stop reading it over and over again, despite the inevitable low quality of machine translation. Some people are quick to dismiss ABO stories, but really, they're the easiest way of telling what a person thinks of a ship. That's how I knew this person and I were in tune when it came to souwoz. I definitely connected with the ideas presented: of course, there's the firmly established top/bottom order, but beyond that, the pattern of a luring Woz and a still somewhat naive Sougo, Sougo's adverse feelings for his future self and even jealousy for the bond Oma Zi-O and Woz share... Whoaaaaa. I didn't know what to do with all the enthusiasm I felt. I wanted to comment but I was afraid the author would feel awkward and delete or block or something. Such things happen when international fans cross paths. So I thought of making an art offering, at least, to try and show how much I loved the fic. After that, I spent some blissful months interacting with this person every now and then, reading their fics when they shared them with me. Thank you so much ABO fic for letting me meet fun, kind people who speak a language I can't even use.

Here's the drawings I made for this fic! I was still figuring out the characters, so they look a bit different from what I draw nowadays, but I still like these drawings for the bond they helped me form.

What A Mess by shortbreads 🔞🌶️

Sougo wants to make a mess out of Woz.

Back when the AO3 tag felt like a wasteland and my encounter with bingjiayimai's ABO fic eventually led me to the lands of Weibo and pictBLand in search of fellow souwoz connosieurs in other languages, this was one of the very few fics for the ship on the repository site that I clicked with.

The focus here is on Woz's desire for the Sougo that can be, rather than the one that currently is. Not that our little king is a completely different being from his devilish future, he just needs a little stimulation to take the shape Woz wishes he was.

Biscuits by shortbreads 🥩

Souwoz, but furries.
Goat Woz providing future-beastar pomeranian Sougo with a delicious lunch.

A fic based on my rather vague Beastars AU art! Not only does shorbreads have a wonderful interpretation of this ship that balances out the best and worst parts of Sougo's personality and the way Woz acts as an enabler for the latter, the author was also able to understand the vibe in my brain perfectly by just looking at my disjointed art for this AU (as well as a non-sensical rant I assume, I can't recall our talks that well). I adore this fic's take on my furry souwoz.

Restoration Process by aquabluejay 🔞🌶️

Following the events of Over Quartzer, Woz’s book remains damaged. Repairing it will not be easy on him.

Geiz and Woz's fight on episode 27 left a lasting impression on both aquabluejay and me. Woz drops pages when hit? Fascinating! Not much else is said about this aspect of the character in canon, so it was pretty much left for fans to interpret as they pleased. In this story, aquabluejay takes a very literal interpretation of the scene: Woz is the book he parades around, damage done to it becomes damage done to himself, and of course, any sort of handling is touch he feels on himself. The author plays with this idea by having Junichiro do some careful emergency rebinding of Woz's book while Sougo keeps him quiet and soothed in his bedroom.

Note that this story might be vaguely read with soujun in mind! Just a little unclefucking sprinkled in the text.

Here's my accompaining illustration for this fic. Both story and illustration were printed in the very limited run fanzine Pakige: A Second Slide-versary Zine.

【zio】我喜欢woz by bingjiayimai 🔞🌶️🥩

After Woz plays traitor once more, Sougo is not so quick to forgive and forget with a smile. Woz does his best to soothe his demon king.

I absolutely love the way Sougo always welcomes Woz back with an easygoing energy, no matter what he does, not even when Sougo's clearly been shaken by his retainer's backstabbing. This story is framed by Sougo's uncertainty in moments like these, and the author once more weaves in the idea of Sougo feeling jealous of his future self that I love so much.

I love the vibe of this fic and tried to capture it on these drawings, which are more sequential art than comic.

~ ❦ ~

Kamen Rider Zero-One


Untitled by shortbreads 🥩

This takes place vaguely between episode 25 and 35.5, I guess.

Jin struggles with self-restraint.

shortbreads' fics are the only reason I want to get back to Zero-One. It's more about having a complte context for these stories than the show itself, honestly, because I enjoy them so dang much. To begin with, the thing that interested me the most in the show was Jin and Horobi's relationship, and shortbreads writes a really sexy, tense atmosphere between the two, a peaceless silence being broken only by Jin's sudden bursts of violence. I love it!! This is this author's first jinhoro on AO3, so it goes first on the list.

Barcode by shortbreads 🥩

This takes place vaguely between episode 25 and 35.5, I guess.

Wonder if Horobi still has that Hiden barcode.

Jin is concerned about Horobi, so Horobi lets him do a physical check-up. A terrific little moment of a fic with shortbread's iconic one-sided violent display of desire from Jin to Horobi, plus some spite-fueled cannibalism fantasizing.

Sunset by shortbreads

Vaguely set after episode 45.

Feelings expressed and not expressed.

Horobi does some introspective observation of Jin, and Jin in turn verbalizes how he feels about Horobi. I love the way shortbreads takes the characters' mechanical existence into account when describing bodily reactions. The romantic feeling of this fic is enough to make me go kyaaa in real life.

Ending B by shortbreads 🥩

An alternate ending if the events after episode 35 went differently.

[spoilers for episode 36 and 41]

Jin plans on taking Horobi's life to defeat Ark. I don't think about this one a lot to pretend I don't know how Zero-One ends. I really should finish this show to enjoy shortbreads' fics properly! Heartbreaking in just the right ways.

Desire by shortbreads 🥩

Vaguely set after the main series and before the MBJR vcine.
“Are you able to understand it, Horobi?”
Horobi turned around, and saw a sad smile framing Jin’s words. Jin was surrounded by an air of resignation, but still carried a confidence that seemed to have accepted it.
Jin continued, turning to the ocean to speak towards the roaring waves. “This possessiveness, this desire to monopolize.”

Jin and Horobi answer a distress call and get some time alone to do some tentative opening up.

Kicking my feet and giggling from beginning to end. An evolved version of shortbreads' jinhoro, where Jin is less prone to explode in his intense feelings for Horobi, but still quick to resort to physical violence to have some release, and where Horobi is more perceptive to these things. Ahh I love love.

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