Here is a collection of Kamen Rider or ship-centric (namely souwoz, other ships apply) texts I enjoyed writing or enjoyed reading.

I haven't finished even half the shows in the Kamen Rider franchise, but I still claim this to be one of my favorite things in the world. I love the slick rider suits, the intense male bonds present in every show, the absolute banger theme songs, the way characters color coded purple almost always mean trouble, the sexy monster designs, and even the ridiculous gimmick toys.

Being so charmed by this franchise and so alienated by the English-speaking communities I encountered as I was barely dipping my toes in the fanworks side of things made me seek food in other languages, and I ended up reading a lot of fanfiction with the help of machine translators. You'll see some of these treasured findings in the reading recs section.

Happy reading!

souwoz ship manifesto

A strange text I wrote collecting every bit of interaction between the demon king and his retainer. I will post it eventually.

fics [x]

My Kamen Rider fics.

reading recs [x]

My favorite stories for souwoz and a few other ships, as well as other types of reading material.

live watch thread archive [ryuki] [w] [ooo]

I too have participated the addictive activity of publicly sharing my every thought on a show! Twitter feels like it's expiring fast, so this is my attempt at archiving these spontaneous, image-heavy thoughts on my site.

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