Here is a collection of MP100 fics that I love and treasure! My personal mobrei might be quite vanilla, but even at its tamest, the core scenario is still a middle schooler in love with a shifty businessman. Always remember to read the tags in a fic!

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Animal Instinct by snowtears

Mob is a panther-hybrid esper, a rare, powerful creature. Reigen's taken up the habit of grooming him after a job, and now Mob wants to return the favor.

This beauty of a fic was written for ME!!! Snowtears' beautiful writing's had me charmed for a very long time, I can't believe I'm lucky enough to have a fic by this author that was written with me in mind... Based on my panther AU, which is a very vague thing itself where the most important aspect is the threat a powerful predator poses to the meat bag of a regular human that pretends to call the shots. This fic perfectly encapsules that vibe! A simple act like brushing someone's hair turned into something intimate and tense and sexy.

weak. by nykvos

Ageswap AU. Shigeo drowns in self-loathing while Arataka does his best to seduce his beloved master.

Ageswap is a wonderful playground for bullying this ship. It takes Reigen's savviness away to show a less masked side of him and it removes Mob's deeply affecting mentor figure to play with the idea of a Mob that lacks structure. Perfect ingredients for the sauciest of scenarios I think, which this fic represents wonderfully! Mob's weak mental struggling is nothing in the face of a boy deadset on his crush. Mind the tags!

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i hear the anguish of the street by quiveringpalm

Minori-centric fic with a back and forth structure between the days the devil slithered inside her and the days after he got exorcised out of her.

An amazing fic I received on during the 2022 Mob Stocking event [🔗]! I love Minorin and her mean heart, and most of all I love to daydream about the parts we didn't see of her brief, horrendous bond with Mogami. I yearned for a fic that fed this aspect of both characters. Never would have thought someone would write it with me in mind, quiveringpalm's story has fed me enough for a lifetime.

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