This text serves as a blanket statement for what I permit others to do with my works, gifting policy, redistribution, general exchange letter, and such and such.

A simple drawing of a framed painting hanging on a wall. The painting is of a cat sitting with its front paws crossed over its lap. In the background, a landscape of mountains and trails is visible.

Inspired by SCUMSUCK's and Linky's own pages on the subject. The final motivator however was this post from semperfiona for the Snowflake Challenge wishing for more people to make transformative permission statements.

The following text is meant to help its reader understand my preferences when it comes to interacting with my works in a transformative way (that is, podficcing, remixing, work-based-on-work, translating and other such things), gifts made by me for others and gifts made by others for me, and a list of my general likes and dislikes when participating in exchanges.

First draft written on January 8, 2024.



This section is dedicated to detailing my transformative policy.

Regarding my fan work

The following points relate to my pieces that are considered fan works, that is to say, pieces I created based on somebody else's property or work that isn't in the public domain. This includes fiction writing, illustrations and comics.

You do not need to ask for my permission to:

I'd be happy if you asked for my permission to:

I do not give permission to:

Please credit me in some way when you share your transformative work. You can tag my account, or you can link back to this website's homepage if I don't have an account on the platform you're using. You can take a look at the list on the exit links page to find that out.

Any transformative piece you create based on my fan works must be non-commercial, that is, for your personal use only. These pieces should at least offer the same freedom to transform to others as I have given you.

If there's something not specified on this section, please ask first. I will add it to the appropriate list.


Regarding my original work

The following points relate to my pieces that are considered original works, that is to say, pieces I created on my own, or transformed so extremely they no longer resemble the work they were once based on. This includes fiction writing, illustrations and comics.

You do not need to ask for my permission to:

Please do ask for my permission to:

I do not give permission to:

Events I participate in that are focused on making fan works of the participants' original works (such as ARTCADE, for example) are automatically given permission to non-commercially transform my original works in the ways established by the event, as by joining, I have agreed to the rules. Any transformative piece you create based on my original works must be non-commercial, that is, for your personal use only.


What's with the translation limitations?

I can use Spanish and English to a level I find satisfactory, so I'll make versions of my work in those languages when I find the time to do so.


This section is dedicated to detailing my policies on homebrew art gifts, both made in a private context and during events such as exchanges, secret santas, stockings, and other such things.

Regarding my gifts to YOU

You, the person receiving gift art from me, are free to use your gift however you see fit. You may make icons or banners, create remixes, print physical copies of the gift, create your own pieces based on the gift, share and re-upload the gift to social media or personal websites. There's no need to ask for permission to do these things. The piece was made for you.

Anything done with my gift to you, however, should be for personal, non-commercial use. This includes physical gifts such as the original copy of an illustration. It'd make me too sad if a piece I made for a specific person was re-sold. If you don't want it anymore, please destroy it instead.


Regarding your gifts to ME

If you make a gift for me, I'd love to know if you give me permission to re-upload it to my website, as I like to archive and show off such things here, and if and how you'd like to be credited for the piece. Do you want a link to your social media? Do you want a link to your storefront? Do you want me to use a specific name? Do you want to remain anonymous? You don't want me to share your gift at all? Please let me know.

If the platform you're using to share your gift to me has a tagging or gifting function, you may use it to tag me if you wish. Otherwise, you can simply say "for spill". You can let me know you made a gift for me through The webmaster's contact info, m a p p a p a p a w e b at g m a i l dot c o m. or the mailbox. Don't forget to link the gift!


Besides the freedom given to people receiving gifts and commission clients, I don't enjoy my work being reposted without my permission. It takes away the control I might have over my work, something I feel increasingly self-conscious about in an era of shameless technological exploitation and theft of workers and artists. If you want to share something I made online, please ask for permission first. I might already be on that platform, and can post it for you so that you may re-share from my account. Check the exit links page for a list of almost all of my active online presence.

Saving my work to your personal devices or archives is fine as long as these systems are offline (an USB, a hard drive, a burned CD, etc). Please don't use cloud storage and other such online services to archive my work. I prefer if you do not send my work that you downloaded to other people. You might be sure that you can respect my rules, but there's no guarantee your friend will.


Regarding death

If I die, the rights to my work go to my partner, or my mother, should she be in need of monetary aid. If both my mother and my partner are also dead, my work becomes public domain and you can do whatever you want with it. I dream that with death, me and my art will disappear completely and be nothing more than a vague vanishing memory to other people, but I can't stop you from making the opposite of that from happening from beyond the grave, can I?


This section is dedicated to detailing my general preferences in what I receive in fandom or fannish exchanges. These are basic pointers and might not apply to specific ships or characters. The list will change as I figure out what to add, or change my mind on things.


There are no limits! I love to receive any kind of art in any kind of medium. If you want to know a preference, I think I like reading fics best, but whatever type of art you make is perfect. Illustrations, comics, fan fics, collages, song covers (someone recorded me a cover of BEYOND THE TIME once for an exchange!! What?! Amazing!!!), playlists, AMVs, meta, dress-up dolls, pixel art, anything. I just want it to be made with care. This means, of course, that auto-generated things are not acceptable gifts. They're an insult to exchange events and to their participants.

I'm also open to receiving written works in other languages that I am able to translate with an online tool. If your native tongue is something other than Spanish or English, go ahead and use it! I might not be able to enjoy it at its fullest because of the quality of machine translations, but it'd be cool to see a work about a character or ship I love in a different language!


General likes

General explicit likes

These will vary greatly depending on the character or ship, and some of these might even end up in a specific request's DNW list, but a few general pointers are:


General Do Not Wants

General explicit Do Not Wants


Regarding my limits on what I'll make for others

It can depend on fandom, ship or character, but I'm pretty open to making whatever the giftee wants, even if it involves stuff on my DNWs. The art I make is usually pretty tame, though, even when filling R18 requests, so don't expect a masterpiece of erotica from me.

The only hard rules are no underage sex, animal sex, and no reversing dynamics for a ship I hold close to my heart.

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