Welcome to my 2023 Artcade profile! Here's a hastily put together collection of OCs you can choose from to play with during this event. I've also included the suggested profile template from the Entry Token collection booth to have all the information in one place.



Name: spill
Page: 2023 Artcade profile

💞 Favorite characters: The one that caught your fancy that's my favorite one.

😻 Likes: BL, GL, GBL, pre-slash, age-gap, unrequited feelings, one-sided pursual, lopsided power dynamics, five feet apart, slowburn, UST, love conveyed through violence, guro, death, furrification, older bottom.

💡 Prompts: These are just suggestions you can make whatever you want! Mash your OCs with mine if you think they're compatible. Reimagine my OCs into a design that fits your style more (but don't stray from body types in the reference drawings). Make a furry version of my OCs (or a humansona in the case of the deetigerger).

🚫 Do Not Want: Excessive bodily fluids, particularly waste (blood and vomit OK). No ship reversal for the filed-off serial number characters!! No sex stuff with the deetigerger.

🔃 Repost Permissions: You can repost any art I make for you to your own website or social media platform of your preference, I only ask that you link to my website and give me credit! You can repost any art you make for me with no credit given, though if you want to say "this character belongs to spill", that'd be cool.

Note: I have health issues so I probably can't do super cool finished rendered pieces. If I draw for you don't feel obligated to draw something above a doodle-level for me. Likewise don't go too wild with any trades you start or I might cry because I can't draw as cool and elaborated a piece for you T_T.

My profile is written with a visual art perspective because that's my field of expertise but text trades are totally fine! Maybe I will try to write something too.

~ ❦ ~

Oh Cees


The Deetigerger is about the same size as a regular tiger, if slightly smaller. Its fur has the same vivid orange as a tiger's does, turning paler when it reaches the neck and head. Its eyes are a dull teal color.

It has a docile appearance, but its body is powerful, particularly its legs. If you approach a wild animal, you can end up mauled. It is an omnivore, and likes to play with its food.


They're a succubus, but rather than succ their meal out of you... They'd rather cook you into a meal! Enjoys fatty flavorful dishes.

Other demons find them a little annoying, but they'd rather be on Crablouse's good graces, lest they miss out on this demon's unmatched cooking, or worse, end up in the stove as a side dish.

Twice the height of a regular human being. Their small wings are unable to carry their weight, so they mostly serve for emoting. Doesn't like wearing sleeves, their pointy elbows have ruined too many pieces of clothing already. Friendly personality. Chatty when they cook their live ingredients.

None name, none gender, none age. I picked Crablouse just now because the Lords of Acid song came up on the radio.


Vague character I created from an interactive Twitter meme. Strong build with the physical strength to back it up. Getting too old for their job but doesn't want to quit yet (not the maid cafe job nor the killing business). He's rather aloof during work hours at the cafe, but will act with great enthusiasm when the slashing and chopping begins. Her weapon of choice is a billhook, like the one Rena from Higurashi wields.

This character has a large collection of dresses, and you'll never find them wearing the same thing twice. You probably should avoid crossing paths with them more than once, anyway. They have a uniquely designed mask for every outfit they put together.

60+ years old, all gender.

John the Clown

Shawn, or John as I've randomly decided to call him this time around, is a silly little jester that does nothing but clown around and get in trouble.

The cat scepter John waves around (and sometimes accidentally bonks himself with) has magic powers, but he doesn't know this. His pet roach actually terrifies him. Despite being the appointed jester of the royal court, he is, in fact, quite unfunny.

John's outfits are usually patterned with some shade of black and red, and his accessories are often cat-themed. He is all grown up, but likes to speak in a cutesy, childish tone. He is a little drooly.

Age unknown, uke gender.

Second drawing by SCUMSUCK. Thank you for letting me add it to my refs!

The guy that lives in my house inside my dream

A man I saw in my dreams once. He acted somewhat like a stalker who had no energy left. Very tall and very gloomy guy who can't get off but likes to be on the receiving end of genital abuse. Maybe he wants his dick to get cut off.

Tires easily, no energy to do anything. Lies around a lot with his long limbs splayed and acting like tripping hazards.

Tangled wild hair. Gray-ish pale skin, like he's sickly, hasn't eaten in a while. This character's fashion leans strongly towards rock shirts and leather. He wears cowboy boots.

He reminds me of Peter Steele a little. He has no name, although I think he said it to me in the dream, and he is a dude.


My very own Gorl Scout. She was created for the Gorl Scout Zine, although originally she was fanart of SCUMSUCK's gorlscout Liv. Their shapes are quite similar, perhaps the main difference is that Billie looks like she hasn't had a good night's sleep in a very long time. Her bad habit is biting her hair.

Transcription from the gallery:

Name: Billie

Song: What A Fool Believes (EURINGER version)

Likes: anime, arcade games, the occult

Dislikes: eating her veggies

Bio: Billie has never really cared about school, good grades, or "thinking about the future" like her mother insists. It all changed when the handsome college professor with the cold personality and the heavy smoker's cough moved next door. Billie has her dream life all figured out now. The long con to get him wrapped around her finger has been set in motion! It's too bad that during one of Billie's daily recon missions into his home she confused him with a burglar and batted his brains out. Better find how to reanimate a corpse before it starts to smell...

Actually, Billie is technically a whole load of fanart! Uberchain’s Scout-chan and SCUMSUCK’s Liv are the sources I draw from to draw this girl Scout, but she has gained a bit of personal flavor. Of course, I always end up making the student accidentally kill their exhausted object of affection with their overbearing love.

Guy and shade

A guy with a really violent but easily coerced shadow. I think they fuck!

They don't have names. Guy's guy gender, late 20s or late 30s. The shadow is just a shadow.

~ ❦ ~

Characters with the serial number filed off

I'm very normal and these are very normal totally original characters I feel normal about. If these descriptions are vague you can cheat and read yesteryear's more complete Art-cade bios for the characters in this section. But I'd rather you have fun.

Bob the panther and Raygun the meat sack

A big scary panther and its caretaker. The guy thinks he can handle the beast, but he's really one bad day away from being cat food. One day his luck will run out, or maybe the panther's patience will run out first.

Bob's a boy panther. Raygun's an uke.

Doggy the chibiseme dog and Goaty the wife

This Ken is just a little guy, this Barbie is a pussy control manipulator. A manchild NEET with too much charisma and too much power, and his government-assigned groomer that's been forced into wifehood. They're people or furries, it's the same. Doggy's a small dog, maybe a pom, Goaty is a goat or sheep of some sort.

Doggy is boy gender, 19 years old. Goaty is hole gender of unknown age.

Icicle and Plane

A guy with a mediocre career as a writer yumejoshi'd so hard about his own hunky OC he brought him to reality. They proceed to live together as a low-middle class married couple.

Icicle is boy gender, unknown age, younger than Plane. Plane is boy gender, somewhere in his mid-thirties.

Here is my collection of gifts created and received during Artcade 2023. I thought I would be much less active than I turned out to be, but I was motivated by the wonderful pieces everyone shared, so I tried my best to return every gift I received.

Enjoy this wonderful gallery!

🔞: explicit content
🌶️: sexual themes (sex, sexual fluids, horny vibe)
🥩: violent themes (blood, injury, violence)
🪰: grotesque themes (vomit, waste, putrefaction)

~ ❦ ~

Gifts I received

Here are the gifts people made for me. Bless these people for being able to create such cool things even though my OCs remain so vague.

These pieces have been arranged in the order I received them. Click the images for a full view.

crablouse for spill~ by sodium_amytal

A drawing of a bust of Crablouse, a succubus with slicked back long hair,  large ox-like horns, pointy ears, high cheekbones, droopy eyes with heavy eyelashes and small bat-like wings, wearing a sleeveless turtleneck and smiling at the viewer. Drawn by sodium_amytal.

A sketch of my succubus character, who finally got named, just for this event! sodium_amytal has perfectly captured the naughty energy in Crablouse's expression. Love the grayscale choice to illustrate Crablouse with the red background for contrast, as well as the texture used in the pic, adds depth to the drawing.

Guy and Shade for Spill by Webo 🥩

A drawing of two figures: Guy, a person with short messy hair, wearing plain shirt and pants, and Shade, a dark humanoid silhouette with long hair, with only a pair of deranged-looking eyes as a defining feature. Guy stands looking annoyed while Shade stabs him in the chest, peeking from behind him. Drawn by unlik3lygrader.

A piece from Webo! Wonderful take on these two characters, I love how they look in Webo's style. Guy's annoyance is clear but he can't be bothered to actually do something about the pesky violent shadow. And the shadow's expression and body language captures the energetic violent obsession (and mayhaps affection?) I picture this character constantly exhuding for Guy. The circling background completes the energy just right.

Bobmonkey and Raycaque for spillingdown 🐵 by SCUMSUCK

A drawing of monkeys chilling inside an onsen. One is a Colobus Monkey, black with a white beard, a long hairy tail, and bowl cut-like hair shape. The other is a Japanese Macaque, gold with bright pink skin. The Colobus monkey wraps one long arm around the macaque, which the other eyes wearily. Behind them is a bunch of other macaques enjoying the hot water. Drawn by SCUMSUCK.

Monke bobray!!! It seems this drawing was crafted at the same time I was drawing my own interpretation of monkey bobray... For a little while, our brains connected, whoa... SCUMSUCK's textures are always so stimulating, I love how they add to the steamy feeling of the picture. Bobmonkey and Raycaque's slightly off-center placement in the image adds to the hoverhand pressure, Raycaque is being cornered! My favorite part for sure are those adorable background monkeys witnessing the miracle of yaoi while they enjoy the hot water. This drawing really makes me want to get in a hot tub!

He's Dead, He's Dead, He's Dead - Billie for spill by someone 🥩

Here's what I think went through Billie's mind when she accidentally killed that smoking hot French professor.

Title derived from a line in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. .

A wonderful first-person POV fic focused on the aftermath of Billie's accidental murder of her beloved professor. I'm so surprised at how good and accurate this fic feels because my character descriptions are so terribly vague. Yet somehow, this person was able to channel the energy and personality and inner workings of Billie so well! It motivated me to make more Billie stuff that continues her little plot, maybe even a necro-the-teacher continuation?! (Canon? AU? Who knows!)

Cooking with Crablouse (feat Kana) by Mewthebun 🔞🥩

A drawing with two panels that bleed slightly into each other. On the left panel, drawn in black and white, is Crablouse, a succubus with slicked back long hair,  large ox-like horns, pointy ears, high cheekbones, droopy eyes with heavy eyelashes and small bat-like wings, wearing a sleeveless turtleneck crop top and tight pants made of the same fabric. Crablouse holds a large sizzling pan with vegetables and colorful meat, smiling happily at the character in the other panel. On the right panel, drawn in colorful pastels, is Kana, long-limbed demon with long, soft flowy hair, pointy ears, pronounced cheekbones, and soft eyes. Kana lies relaxed on the floor, and her torso has been cut open from the middle of her ribcage to just above her crotch, baby blue guts spilling out. Candy pieces are scattered around her. Drawn by Mewthebun.

Crossover time!! Mewblue went with an OC interaction piece that's fun and cute as hell, pairing Crablouse up with the artist's own demon character Kana, who has no issue sharing her guts for my foodie succubus to enjoy. A match made in heaven! Or maybe in hell, I guess. I love the way the drawing contrasts the characters visually, with my monochromatic ways showing on Crablouse's side while Kana's is colorful and soft, and the way both sides bleed a little into each other. Lovely piece! Analog art is so cool.

John the Clown for Spill! by Linky

A drawing of John the Clown, a playful jester. He wears a bright red hat with three tips with cat-shaped bells hanging from them. The hat covers John's head and neck, but there's a long strand of hair coming out from a side as bangs. John's red and spruce blue jester outfit has an opening on the chest, showing cleavage, and sleeves that are too long and cover his hands. He wears soft eye shadow and a septum piercing. The jester holds his left hand near his face, winking at the viewer, and says 'like, nya~ uwu'. Drawn by Linky.

The same illustration as the previous one, but the colors are a little less vibrant. Drawn by Linky.

Linky drew my clown Shane, or John as he is going by this time around! (Did you know that Sean, Shane and John have the same roots? Or something like that I didn't read the Wikipedia article that hard? Cool!) John would be the kind of annoying cutesy clown that would jester around saying "nya" until someone bonks him. The artist shared two versions of the drawing which I liked equally! The brighter colors version really pops, while the more neutral color version feels like home to my usual sensitivities. The pose is adorably irksome, very in character.

Deetigerer's Mating Dance, for Spill! by Shrinemaster Soul

A drawing of the deetigerger, a creature with the head of a deer, with a pair of horns on its head, and the body of a tiger, striped and robust and sporting mean claws. The deetigerger stands on its two back legs, a serious, focused look on its face as it waves its front legs around. The creature's pupils are heart shaped, and musical notes surround its body. Drawn by Shrinemaster Soul.

This piece by Renaissance Soul took me a second to understand because I had totally forgotten about the "elaborate mating dance" text in the reference drawing, lol. I love the serious, focused, edging on intimidating energy of the Deetigerger's expression here. It is not here to play, it's here to impress! The text is part of the result in the quiz-like picrew I used to create this character with, so I never actually pictured a mating dance for this creature. Love this take! A two-legged stance would certainly catch one by surprise and demand attention, especially with those claws swinging around as the deetigerger jams! Very cute drawing, made me giggle.

Entry: The Crablouse by Whimwitch 🥩

I wrote a little entry for your OC that needs to be added to the necronomicon and every demonology text, stat! I hope you enjoy, Spill. This character has a really cool design, and I love the idea of a flesh eating succubus hehehehe↜(⃔•w•)⃕

As the description implies, this is a piece written with an academic tone that would fit just fine in a big ole book hidden away in a library, but Whim takes advantage of the seemingly neutral writing style to add humor in every sentence, making the description of the Crablouse a fun read that had me smiling and giggling the whole time! I don't know how these artists do it but they capture my OCs so well! If you ask me, this is piece is all canon. Someone definitely wrote this after somehow surviving a close study of the Crablouse.

~ ❦ ~

Gifts I made

Here's the stuff I drew for the Artcade participants. I hope that with these drawings I was able to give as much joy to my gifters as they gave me with their pieces.

These pieces have been arranged in the order I created them.

Malachi for Whimwitch

Drawing of Malachi, a catboy working as a pizza deliveryman. The character is drawn in Samurai Pizza Cats art style, with chibi proportions (three heads tall), large eyes, mechanical-looking body and a cat-like nose and mouth. Malachi has green hair with long bangs parted in the middle, eyes with a bored look on them, and cat ears and tail. He wears a tabard under his yellow shirt, knee-high pants and a collar with a bell. Malachi seems to be in the middle of a pizza delivery, running barefoot to his destination. This character belongs to Whimwitch.

One of Whimwitch's prompts was Malachi in the style of the show Samurai Pizza Cats. I used to watch that when I was young and loved the character designs, so I decided to give it a try. Did I succeed?

Sanchez drawing for deflectric

Drawing of Sanch. He's an older man with a thick, muscular but not toned body. His hair is buzzed short on the sides of his head but very long and messy on top, loosely styled into a mohawk. The age lines on his face are heavily marked, he has a hook nose and a strong unshaved jawline, and thick eyebrows with the end hairs pointing upwards. His arms are hairy. Sanch wears gauge earrings, a white t-shirt that's too tight on his chest, black nail polish and fingerless gloves. He has a crooked cigarette in his mouth. Sanch is holding a photo of a woman, hunching down somewhat as he looks up towards the viewer. He looks miserable, and a single tear begins to fall from his eye. This character belongs to deflectric.

Sanch, I want to know more about you, Sanch... I hope that your creators make you a nice informative wiki-style page, Sanch... I like you Sanch. You're a sad hot old man, Sanch!

Rico and Damon for sodium-amytal

A drawing of Rico and Damon. Rico is a man with long wavy black hair that goes past his shoulders. He has pronounced cheekbones and a long face, two moles on the left side, one right under his eye and one right under his lips, gentle eyes, and unshaved mustache and beard. He has a lean, toned body. Rico is not wearing a shirt, showing the soft hair on his chest and the demon heart right over where his own heart should be. There's a bite mark on his neck. His nails are painted black. Damon is a man with straight black hair that goes just below his jawline. He has fangs, his eyes have a playful, dangerous vibe to them, and he sports a goatee. Damon is also shirtless, showing he also has a little chest hair. Damon stands behind Rico, looking at him from the corner of his eye with a teasing smile, bringing a hand up to his face to lick his index finger. Rico smiles back, blushing a little, using his right hand to pull back his long mane, making the bite mark on his neck visible. These characters belong to sodium-amytal.

Looking at their character bios made me curious about what kind of story they have together... I bet it was an intense affair!

Gryphon Alexander for Webo

A drawing of Alexander. Alexander is a person with short light hair, thick black eyebrows and tired eyes with a small scar on his top lip to the right, and a large scar that starts from the left corner of his mouth, curving upwards into a smile shape. There are three drawings of Alexander one superimposed over the other. In the background is a large bust of Alexander, looking gloomy. Next is a drawing of Alexander as a gryphon with Alexander's usual thick eyebrows and sad eyes. Its wings are small, its lion-like body is large, as well as its eagle claws. In the foreground is a drawing of Alexander sitting on the floor, in the middle of transforming. His legs and hands are already beast-like, and he has wings and a long tail, but they're torso and face are still human. Alexander looks troubled. This character belongs to Webo.

Alexander as a gryphon. I felt guilty for picking Alexander again as a gift for Webo during an Artcade, but both the character and the prompt were alluring... Alexander's sad vibes are appealing, and the chance to draw a pseudo-furry version? Count me in!

Chethyl for SCUMSUCK

A drawing of Cherry and Ethyl at the beach. Cherry is a tall, slim woman with toned arms and legs. Her hair is long enough to reach her bum, and it's brushed back on one side to keep it off her face. She has thick eyebrows, black eyes, pronounced cheekbones, and large breasts. Cherry wears a swimsuit with a very high cut and a large zipper on the front. Ethyl is a short girl with a chubby body. Her hair is wavy and shoulder-length. She has small eyebrows, long lashes, bright eyes, full lips, and i smissing her right arm and her left leg. Ethyl wears ear studs and a small bikini with a cartoonish thunderbolt pattern. Cherry and Ethyl sit on a towel with their arms around each other, hands resting at each other's hips. They look somewhat upwards, to an unseen person, and Cherry throws a peace sign with her free hand, smiling happily. Ethyl's smile is softer. The sea can be seen behind them, seagulls flying across the sky. These characters belong to SCUMSUCK.

Girls that are friends and girlfriends! Cherry is one of SCUMSUCK's characters I've stared at from afar for a very long time. It wasn't until this Artcade that in my spelunking efforts to find info on her to get ideas for a drawing that I realized she's dating another of SCUMSUCK's characters. I hope they're very happy together.

Agbayani for someone

A drawing of Agbayani, a young man with short messy black hair and cold black eyes. The rest of his features are hidden by the medical mask he wears. Agbayani is wearnig a black shirt with a popped collar under a short long-sleeved jacket, a shirt tied around his hips, black fingerless gloves, black torn pants and black boots. He's jumping backwards, seemingly in the middle of a fight, left arm up in a defensive gesture and left leg bending as if ready to throw a kick.

Here's a (seemingly undead?!) magical boy! He's got a fascinating backstory that I would love to read more about. Takes on the magical girl genre that got a little edge to them are always a fun time. To begin with, mahojo usually deals with emotionally heavy stories! It's just that them magical characters are usually the unbreakably positive kind. There is always room for tragedy and trauma in mahojo, and this young man seems to be burdened with a whole bunch of that.

Ollie and Myrtille for Mewthebun

A drawing of Ollie and Myrtille. Ollie is a tall, lean woman with a bob haircut with bangs that is shorter on the back. She has a thin face and a vertical scar in the middle of her forehead. Ollie wears a crop-top jacket with a strip of light and dark stripes that go from the edge of her sleeve to the jacket's collar. Myrtille is a woman that is only slightly shorter than Ollie. She has short black hair, lipstick, earrings, and is wearing a lace shirt under a long baggy jacket with flowers on the back. Ollie grins at Myrtille, lacing her fingers with the other woman's as she happily tells her something. Myrtille gives her a melancholic smile in return. These characters belong to Mewthebun.

Mewthebun's characters are all very interesting, and the ships are quite tasty, but I went with the girls because one of Mewthebun's prompts caught my eye for its sweetness. I love girls that are friends! Girls supporting girls! Besties! Chin up, Myrtille, Ollie has your back!

Phera for Linky

A drawing of Phera. She's an energetic-looking girl with wavy pink long hair and bangs, pale skin, wide eyes and a big smile. Her body is curvy, with thick thighs. Phera wears a blue leotard with a belt, a green crop-top jacket with short puffy sleeves, and gloves. She poses cutely for the viewer, twisting her torso in a way that accentuates her curves, bringing her left hand to her face to make a peace sign. This character belongs to Linky.

Here's a drawing of Linky's super cute character Phera! Her design bleeds nostalgia for older anime in the best way. I usually avoid color, but her design really called for at least some flats. I hope I was able to capture her energetic vibe well.

Elyssio for Shrinemaster Soul

A drawing of Elyssio. He's a unicorn that thas taken the shape of an androgynous boy. His hair is long and wavy, parted in the middle by his unicorn horn. His ears are horse-like. He has a button nose, large eyes with long lashes, and small plump lips. Elyssio is not wearing any clothes. His wrists, ankles and crotch have longer fur than the rest of his body. His hands are human-like, while his feet are horse-like. He has a long tail that ends in a tuft of fluffy hair. Elyssio sits curled up, right leg bent and propped up so he can rest his cheek on it. There's a smitten look on his face, hearts surrounding his head as he thinks of an old bearded knight wearing chainmail. These characters belong to Shrinemaster Soul.

Initially I thought of drawing Elyssio and Godfrey together, but I feared I might end up creating a situation that felt out of character, so I went with this idea instead. I'm not confident about depicting their direct one-on-on interactions, but I know I can draw longing good! I hope Elyssio can make his dreams come true.

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