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Here is a dump of a page for various things I've written that don't fit into other sections this site: fannish pieces without a shrine to host them, random bouts of thoughts I feel like sharing online, live blogging for media I'm currently into, what have you.

This section was finally created in a hurry after coming to terms with the fact that no one is going to want to watch me play Gore Screaming Show, so if I want commentary it's going to be with myself in the form of a live blog. Although in truth the decision to make this page happened early into 2022 when I figured I wanted to translate my daily movie blogging into Spanish. Yeah, I'll do that some day.

I'm including links to writings in other areas of the site if they match the sections listed below.

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[grotesque words, pictures and sentiments ahead]


Essays, manifestos, meta, whatever you call these. A bunch of texts I vomited out expressing feelings or ideas about a subject. Ordered chronologically.

Old Man Yaoi [ES] [EN]

Defining what old man yaoi means to me. Written on January 2024.

Blanket statement

On transformative works permissions, gifting and exchange preferences. Written on January 2024.

Live blogging

A diary for how media makes me feel the moment it happens. Ordered chronologically.

Kamen Rider Ryuki

Archive of my live tweets for a show about a silly dummy reporter entering a last man standing game thinking he can talk it out with the players and making me cry in the process. Thread started on March 2019.

Kamen Rider W

Archive of my live tweets for a show about a cringe private detective and his neurodivergent aibou solving crimes and getting drugs off their hometown's streets. Thread started on May 2019.

Kamen Rider OOO

Archive of my live tweets for a show about a wanderer forced to join forces with a bird presumably born in a swirling cauldron of wicked desire to fight a world-ending threat. Thread started on May 2019.

Ultraman Geed

Archive of my live tweets for a show about a cute little secretly alien guy who should probably have way more daddy issues than he does. Thread started on January 2020.

Ultraman X

Archive of my live tweets for a show about a kaiju otaku and the Yuichi Nakamura that lives within him. Thread started on July 2020.

Ultraman Orb

Archive of my live tweets for a show about a guy who really needs to stop making people fall in love with him and then ghosting them, jfc. Thread started on July 2020.

Gore Screaming Show

Live blogging whatever reactions I have for this game about a... clown? Named Gore? And he screams or something? Thread started on December 2023.


Live blogging whatever reactions I have for this game about gays that fuck kaiju or something. Game gifted to me by MarineHaddock on the condition that I make a live blog for his reading pleasure. Here it is my friend! Reap the brain worms you've caringly planted!! Thread started on January 2024.


Texts, subtitles and other such things translated to español or english.

Fansub en español de Kitarō Tanjō: GeGeGe no Nazo

Subtítulos para genazo en español, basados en la traducción al inglés de karan-koron. Versión 3, texto actualizado en mayo 14, 2024. Gracias a duck, Dami, Muffy y un anónimo por las notas. Si hay errores, usa el buzón para avisarme.

Para usarlos, abre el archivo de texto en Notepad, ve a "Guardar Como", selecciona el formato "Todos los archivos" (o como diga, mi compu está en inglish) y escribe ".srt" al final del nombre del archivo. Abre tu copia de la película y arrastra este archivo .srt a la ventana.

Saint Seiya Tenkai-hen Josō ~Overture~ english fansub

English subtitles for Tenkaihen based on Spanish subtitles from a BD. Not beta read, haven't even given them a second read myself since I translated them. If there's any errors, use the mailbox to let me know.

To use them, open the file in Notepad, go to "Save As", select "All files" for the file type and write ".srt" at the end of your file's title. Open your copy of the movie and drag this .srt file to the window.

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